okay, i'm about to take the plunge...help, quick!

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  1. okay, you all have officially lured me in...of course, the bluefly discount isn't hurting. so, first BV purchase....questions:

    1. do you think the ball bag is a better "first bag" or a veneto?

    2. i can't decide which color to get. i LOVE that pink....but as a first BV, maybe it's too....pink? i was leaning toward ebano, but then, i don't really have a cognac-colored bag, so i was thinking maybe the light brown would be better?

    agh! i'm decision-impaired...help!

  2. I love the Noce ( light brown) and Ebano (dark brown) ball bags. You can't go wrong with any of them really.
  3. Obviously, it's a personal matter of opinion, but I like the Ball bag very much. A little bit of a softer shape than the Veneta. If I had deposable income, I'd go for the pink Ball, but I don't-so I would be inclined to be more conservative for my first color choice. I LOVE the Ebano color-such a rich chocolate brown. However, I have the Ball Bag in the lighter brown color and it's beautiful too. Since we're into spring season, I'd opt for the Ball Bag in Noche or Hazelnut.
  4. Then, I'd go for the Veneta.:graucho:
  5. 1. Ball bag
    2. All 3 colors are nice, you won't go wrong with any of them. For your first BV bag, I vote for Noce (light brown) and Ebano (dark brown). It seems like you are leaning toward light brown? =)

    BV bags are timeless and classic, you will love & enjoy it for many years to come. I am so excited for you. =)

  6. Can't go wrong with either . . . but for a first, I would be tempted to go with one of the more neutral colors so that I could use it more often. Have fun picking!
  7. First of all, congrats! take a deep breath :yes:
    I absolutely agree with the fact that the Ball bag can be a great first BV. Wheither it's this one or the Veneta is a matter of your personal preference IMO.
    The Dark brown is the one I would say would get you the most "miles" in. You will wear it forever and without fear of getting it dirty.
    It's also a wonderful colour IRL and you will love it. The again if you're a pastel kinda girl you might like the pink one better :flowers:

    Keep us posted on what you decide!!!!
  8. Bad, bad Marly!!! :lol:
  9. thanks everyone (and hi bag.lover!)......well, i was very bad...i ordered both :roflmfao:

    but only so that i can check them out in person :rolleyes: i've never tried the ball bag on, so who knows...but you all have definitely lured me into dangerous territory!

    i'll keep you posted.... :smile:
  10. ^^:nuts:

    Ordered both, have you? But only to check them both out in person;)

    shoppingsmycard, you have officially taken the plunge off the deep end into dark, delicious waters, my friend!:devil:

    Can't wait to see which one you keep, and which one goes back....if that happens!:popcorn:
  11. WOW!!! Let us know which one you like better and if you can please post any pics!
  12. ^ lol, marly.....you're known as the "bad influence" among your friends, aren't you?? :roflmfao:

    it's okay.....i'm the "bad influence" among my friends too ;)
  13. does anyone know if the ball bag can be used as a light work tote to carry papers, notebooks in? because the dimensions seem large enough but who knows, i've never seen it in person. thanks!
  14. Yes, definitely post pics and let us know which one you keep! Congrats!!
  15. I think the ball bag is a great choice for your first BV. I chose hazelnut, which is a light brown. It looks like the one being referred to as Noce. Here's a pic. I thought I was going to get the darker brown but when I saw the lighter one in person it really showed off the weave the best. Let us know what you decide.