Okay, I'm a MJ stalker LOL...check this pic out

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  1. I was in a cab in NYC a few weekends ago and saw a beautiful MJ large MP - so I snapped a shot for you all to see! haha I can't tell if it's Thistle or Oatmeal...

    but she's a beauty :tup::tup:
    IMG_3716 (Medium).JPG
  2. You're too funny! It doesn't look like Thistle to me. It looks more like something in the Oatmeal family.
  3. That's a great pic from a cab! Too funny. The bag looks great.
  4. Ah ha ha!! Great pic!!
  5. haha i'd probably do the same thing. i tend to stalk people wearng bags i like too. :lol:
  6. It looks more like oatmeal to me. Thistle would be more greenish.
  7. You crack me up!!! Great pic!! ..from a cab!!!!???? You have radar girl!!
  8. It's great that you had the presence of mind to whip out your camera(phone) in time to catch this great shot! I would have totally flubbed it up!
  9. haha!! quick thinking!
    looks like she might have saw you! lol i bet she was like..what the hell...haha
  10. LOL, I look, but don't snap. If I was fast enough, I would take a pic too! Beautiful bag!
  11. Hilarious! What a great shot!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    LOL!!!!! I love photography - it's my dream career but hard to make money at it....that being said - I'm always w/ camera IN hand.

    But I'm ROFLMAO about the look on her face now...she definitely saw me.

    I was just waiting for a tPfer to be like "Hey!!! That's ME!"
    I'm a big dork LOL...
  13. HAHA! You're like the Sartorialist, but funnier :roflmfao:
  14. Hahahaha! It's like the Balenciaga sighting thread...there have been a few "stealthy" pictures taken and posted there.
  15. I was waiting for that too! :P