OKAY, I think this was FATE... PICS :)

  1. OKAY,
    I was going to work with my DH Yesterday(14th), he had 2 service calls to do and they were in Frankfort KY... about 2 hours away. In between where we live and Frankfort is Lexington KY where of course is the malls and a COACH store... HEE HEE!!! We were alomost to Lexington and I say... Honey would you care to drop me off at the mall and pick me up on the way back and he said that would be fine. YIPEE!!!
    I first went in Dillards and ran straight to their COACH handbags and ask them if they had the COACH Heritage XL Satchel and the SA said NO, that they never had gotten one in :sad: so then I decide to walk into COACH and once I got in there... NOTHING!!! I asked the SA to PLEASE look on line to see if she could still order one...I knew they were SOLD OUT but I thought why not try, well NO LUCK they were all gone and she continued to tell me that they had only gotten one of these in... I told her that they were suppose to call me if they got one in and she said that it was a return and another customer in the store said I want it soon as she seen the other lady returning it. OKAY so I was bummed :sad: and looked around for a little bit and nothing really grabbed me even though I did see some pretty things. ANY WAYS, I left there and decided to go to Macys and low and behold soon as I was walking towards their COACH bags there she was... my :heart: was pounding so hard, I grabbed her up and the SA said we have two... I made her grab the one from back, I'm funny that way :lol: and now she is home with me :yahoo: I ran back to COACH to show them I got my bag, the SA are so use to me...lol! I did get the matching wristlet and skinny as well from COACH and all I like now is the med. cosmetic bag. SORRY so long but I had to share this story with my buddies... I call it FATE!!!
    P.S. = Macys did have one more GER/RED and they also had the Brown, just in case any one is hating they missed out on this bag

  2. CUTE!!! I'm glad you found one!!! :smile:
  3. That bag looks so good on you!!!
  4. Ahhh Yes...that is fate!! It looks GREAT on you!! Congrats and enjoy!!:tup:
  5. Woohoo congrats! You and this bag were meant to be! What a great story with a happy, Coachy ending.

    It looks great on you, btw!
  6. Love that bag! Congrats!
  7. I am glad you found one, and still wrapped up! Yeah for you, Congrats!:yes:
  8. Congrats!! It was definitely meant to be. It looks great on you, too!
  9. Isn't that bag TDF? Ugh, I love the XL Satchels... I love mine! :love:
  10. I love red lately, that bag is a head-turner! Look at the hangtag, it's unusual with the contrasting stripe.
  11. Very nice :smile: Congrat's ...
  12. Congrats, beautiful set... it looks great on you!
  13. lol your story is funny &cute..i know how it is to want a bag SO bad. glad you got one! its a cute set.
  14. I love that satchel.. It looks great on you!
  15. Thanks every one :love: It is a little bigger than what I am use to but not bad... I am sure I can find plenty to fill her up...lol!!!