Okay I think this is the cream-opinion please.

  1. I threw away my tag and i dont remember what it wrote on the tag. Cream, Ivory, Off white, chalk.. who cares? I love my bag! :love:

    and madeline, dont think too much about it. You can always return it if you dont like it.

  2. I know I can return it but I would just get a credit and then I dont know if I would be able to get a color I wanted. I know I am super over stressing. They have too many colors of white shades it is confusing!!! Thanks SuperBaby.
  3. One thing for sure, if you are looking for BRIGHT WHITE, i can definitely tell you that its not going to happen. I am sure the one they are sending you is the off white chalk color.

    I also dont believe that Chloe will come out a different white color for spring season. but i could be wrong.

  4. I know it wont be bright white, but I asked if it was called chalk and she said "no it is cream, which looks off white" i will let you know what happens when i get thursday- if i can stop stressing until then.
  5. It will look more ceamy because of the hardware. Madeline...It's gorgeous, that picture is gorgeous! It will work with all of your clothes, you'll see!:P
  6. Love it!! Perfect for the winter, a change from the dark colors.
  7. Thanks for comforting me girls! I really appriciate it, it is just so hard because I do not have a Chloe store to go to or a place to see the bag in person. Hey, does NM have a book of spring 2006 bags maybe that I could go look at with the color?
  8. As a wise man (OK, an ex-boyfriend) once told me...there is no reason to panic now....there is always plenty of time to panic later!