okay, i think i'm getting really bad with this.

  1. does anyone think it is stupid to buy a cles and/or wallet to match each of the styles? i know a lot of people don't think it's necessary and that "all LV meshes together and goes fine" but lately i would just love to be able to pull out an azur wallet out of my azur speedy with an azur cles. and a monogram wallet (no problemo, got one) out of my monogram bags with a monogram cles. and of course, a damier koala change purse out of my new trousse make-up, and a damier cles. i use the cles for change, koala change purse would be more like my wallet since i don't carry a lot.

    i'm not so much hooked on having a matching MC wallet for my MC bags, but am i crazy? i just think it all looks SO NICE together if it matches.

    but don't get me wrong. lol i do want a white mc wallet since i already have a white mc cles. lol. only problem is i would eventually need a black one for my black audra...haha.
  2. I like it when it does match and when it doesnt match.......
  3. I don't think you are crazy! If you can do it, sounds AWESOME to me!
  4. No I dont think it is silly, I am a have to match freak LOL.
    I have mono PTI for mono, white MC PTI for white MC & so on. Only wallet I dont have yet is damier. Oh & I didn't buy the MC black PTI as I have a black Epi one which matches of course LOL
  5. not stupid at all... i actually have several matching accessories for my bags. but i don't always use them together. sometimes i do, depending on my mood for the day.
  6. oh yeah, let's not forget about suhali. lol i think i might be able to settle for a black MC one for that though. oooh boy what i am going to be buying with graduation money in december...lol.
  7. Do it if you can and want to, but sometimes I really like when they don't match 100%. For example, I think it would be cool to have a black MC wallet with a white MC bag.
  8. hmm...with a white mc cles? lol. i know i am buying a damier koala change purse and a damier cles, i just wish they made an azur wallet in something smaller than the regular koala. would totally buy an azur ludlow if they made it. i think the regular koala wallet is a little too big for me. but i did buy a mini azur pochette, the only thing is it doesn't have a little compartment inside. hmm i dunno what i want. lol.
  9. it's not silly! imo it actually looks sweet when purses and wallets matches :smile:
  10. I like matching:yes:
  11. It's not weird. I prefer to have my pieces a bit different though.
  12. its not weird at all. sometimes i mix and match but most of the times i like to have the matching wallet etc. to my bag
  13. Not stupid at all. If I could afford to I would have matching everything too! There is something so satisfying about my black Epi wallet matching my black Epi bag so perfectly.. :girlsigh: But mixing/matching is also cool too and can bring some incredible results- I remember a pic I saw here where someone had Indigo Vernis with Damier Azur and it was like they were made for each other! So creative. :yes:
  14. you are not out of line at all. i cannot wait til i can be at that point!!!!
  15. it is not a bad thing to have matching wallet and cles. i would like to be able to have that too.