Okay, I think Fendi went a little too far....

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  1. I would not want to know anyone who owned that bag.
  2. Honestly, its soooooooo soft though! And the handles are so nice...mmmm.
  3. That is sooo TRUE!!!!!! I saw it at South Coast Plaza and thought the EXACT same thing!!! One big furrball!!!
  4. You are WAY too cryptic....
  5. They have this at the Ala Moana fendi as well, in black too. Personally I like it :biggrin: I wouldnt use it though, too white! The black just wasnt as nice.
  6. i saw it at neimans one day while i was shopping. i didn't really look at it but it was definitely tooooo poofy!
  7. It simply scares the bejesus outta me.
  8. Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I saw a grey one with green handles this week at Fendi. It looked stinky, like it would have an odor. Not for me.
  10. ROFLMAO!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. Greenie, love your avatar. A live animal in this thread ;)
  12. Minks are so cute in life... so many little minky critters were sacrificed for this poor trendy purse.

    I am not a big fan of fur (except on a kitty or hammie-- where it belongs), although I do love the shape and design of the Spy bags.

    If I could... I would get the Fendi Spy Squrrel (the one with the embroidered squirrels and velvet woven handle). That bag would be a dream to own! Plus, no squrrels were harmed in the making of that bag. : )
  13. poor animal.. i know for a fact PETA is already probably protesting about it..
  14. Awwww...now that you said that, I can't look at it without thinking that. :sad: :P
  15. LOL:lol: