Okay, I think Fendi went a little too far....

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  1. a mink spy???

  2. Anyone ever read a book called "101 ways to use a dead cat"? This is No. 102.
  3. fendi pole-vaulted over the line long ago.
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: I have two cats sitting next to me right now, one who just stole the top to my lemonade! Ack.

    I've seen this bag before at NM. It's :blink:
  5. Extravagant, yes, and certainly something I could never buy, but oh it's pretty. It makes me want to pet it. :nuts:
  6. It would be great for someone who wants a pet but doesn't want the hassel of having to feed it, walk it etc...although you would probably still have to brush it.
  7. I think I'm the last fur lover. lol
  8. I saw this IRL at NM SF a while back and it's gorgeous. Definitely not for me though. Almost $10K...I think I'd put the money towards a Birkin.
  9. Saw this in person. It kinda grossed me out because it looked like a big white bunny made into a purse...
  10. Poor mink's! :cry:
    I love the spy but I hate this one!
  11. I saw this in person and just gasped! This is in the fugly category to me.
  12. I saw it in person last week and wanted to hug it!
  13. eww... it really does:amazed:
  14. It's something to put into a big glass container with laser security all over it. :lol:
  15. lmao, you guys are cracking me up...
    *shivers at the bunny comment*