Okay, I take a plunge and grab Baby Cabas!!


H fever!!!
Jun 3, 2006
I have been on this forum 8 hrs straight, read the posts and look at the pictures as many as I can. Then somehow Baby Cabas grabs me. Then I called Nordstrom just now to try my luck (since I will get 2 points for $1) and I got lucky! SA told me she got one in today and no one whom she phoned called her back for the bag. She will ship it out tomorrow. Should be here end of this week.

I hope I will like it IRL and she will look great on me like she is on other PFers!!!

May I join Chanel Club? I hope you don't mine!!! :yahoo::P:wlae::supacool:


H fever!!!
Jun 3, 2006
Which Nordstrom and what color?! I am on the list for the khaki/bronze in Downtown Seattle Nordstrom and hope I didn't miss a call!

Congrats on your new bag!
Oh, it's the Nordstrom in CA and it's the black one. I hope you will get the call soon!!

Btw, SA told me that Nordstrom charges tax in any states whether or not there is a store there. Do you know if this is true? I know that if I order online to have the item ship to Omaha, NE, I don't have to pay tax. However, I don't know what is their policy with charge-send.:confused1:

Thank you...


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
That's incorrect about the tax. If you live in a state without a Nordstrom store presense you don't have to pay tax. Massachusetts does not have a Nordstrom (yet!) and I don't have to pay tax on purchases via charge-send.

luv my bags

Speedy LoVer
Nov 17, 2006
a great sunny place
Congrats! I have the teal and am waiting for the khaki! :yes:
When you say "teal" do you mean the light blue or I've heard it called "blue jean"? If it is, how do you like the color? I got a call saying I'm next in line for this color and I'm not sure!:confused1: Does it go well with other things/colors?

Should I hold out for the black or khaki? :shrugs:


Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
Which Nordstrom's? If it's the one in Topanga, I think I saw that bag AND the waiting list yesterday! There were at least 20 people on there! I wonder how they all missed their calls, myself included...
Sorry if I sound bitter haha. Congrats! It's gorgeous~.


Bag Lovah
Sep 11, 2006
Congrats. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

I live in Massachusetts as well. When I ordered something from the Seattle Nordstrom I had to pay MA tax. I too had thought that if there was not a store in your state, then you do not have to pay sales tax.