Okay, I ordered my first bbag and I am so worried!

  1. Well, I finally ordered my Black GGH City on diabro!

    At first I was excited but now I am so worried that I did not make the right choice! I have never seen it in person. I have seen a Cafe GGH Part-Time and a Black GSH Work and I loved those. I am so nervous that it will be too bold for me, based on the City size and color choice. I usually wear simple clothes without a lot of patterns, and very little jewelry, so I thought the bag would add a nice bold touch.

    Help! Should I have gotten a part-time or work instead? I haven't seen any of these for sale in a while and wonder if I should have waited. :sweatdrop:

    I know I should just calm down and wait to see it (which should be Friday or Monday). I would hate to have to list it on eBay, my DH would KILL me!

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. I'm guessing that you will probably LOVE it! You'll know for sure if it is right when you open the box! I really hope that you fall in love!:heart::heart:
  3. I think the city is the best choice and that you'll love it when you see it. That's a hot bag!
  4. Try to relax until you see the bag in person and then you'll know if it's for you. I believe they accept returns if unsatisfied upon receipt.
  5. I prefer regular hardware over giant, BUT the one combo I do like is GGH on a black city because I once saw the bag IRL on a girl and it was a stunner!! Really gorgeous and eye catching-loved the contrast of the gold against the black. I think you'll love it. :smile: Post pics!
  6. Thank you everyone, I am feeling better already! :flowers:

    I will definitely post pics when I get it!

    Realdealcollections, unfortunately with diabro there are no returns or exchanges if you simply regret the purchase. That is what is adding to my nerves. I also hope they sent the right one. Their internet site is still showing the Black bag on there, but the Tabac is now gone :wtf:. Maybe they had more than one in Black?
  7. I'm sure that you'll love it! :tup: I bought my first B bag last month - and (after much debate!) picked GH. (I also have a City and I love the size.) I chose it for similar reasons - thought it would add some "excitement" to my clothes (and it does). Good luck!
  8. this happens to me too everytime I order something! You will know for sure when you open the box if it is instant love or not. Post pics when you get it!

    BTW -Black with GGH is my all time favorite bbag. Mine is a Work though...
  9. I'm sure you'll love it. Like you, I have a black city (my first city) on its way. Just check out the balenciaga city club and check out the pics and I bet you'll change your mind and won't be worried at all! Congrats by the way!
  10. Thanks everyone! :flowers: You're right, I will know immediately whether I love it or not. I hope I am :woohoo: and not :crybaby:!
  11. Black with GGH is gorgeous! I think you'll love it. You'll know when you see it.........just give it chance. I think because there are bigger bags, we tend to think of the City as being small. But realistically, the City is a good size bag to carry around and can totally pull off the GH. Look at Tori Spellings beautiful GH City. It looks fantastic on her!
  12. Gold hardware on black bags is HOT! You will probably love it but if not, don't stress cuz you can return it.
  13. Relax and "enjoy" the wait while the bag is on the way to u.. I almost got it.. Cos it look gorgeous!! except i purchased way too many this mth..
  14. I am sure you will love it, if not return for something else.
  15. I think you made a wonderful choice. I recently debated on a violet day on diabro. Literally an hour later, "poof" it was gone!! Then I wanted it even more. Just think, it will be arriving very soon. I really hope it's just as amazing as in the photos. Good luck!