Okay, I need your opinions PLEASE!

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  1. Okay girls, I have narrowed down my first Hermes purchase to a Picotin or a Dogon wallet. I THINK I want the wallet more since the Picotin is brown and I already have a Cafe City Bbag and LV Lockit bag. The Dogon is orange and its awesome....

    HELP ME!:nuts:
  2. The Dogon is great and will last forever. But, what about trying to find a Picotin in a fun color that's different from your LV and BAL? I love the Picotin in Blue Jean, orange, any of the reds and Vert Anis! Just a thought...
  3. what if you were choosing between an orange dogon and an orange picotin?
  4. lol, hi greentea. we think alike.
  5. Picotin. In a different colour!
  6. The Picotins in other colors are really small. The brown one is larger.

    Okay, whats better, the orange dogon or the moka one?
  7. Orange!!! But I do like the idea of getting the picotin in orange or blue jean! You shuld be able to find one!!!
  8. but why are you so limited with what you have to choose from? is it at a boutique? if you want a different color, they can order it for you from another store, or you can track it down. and your store will get more bags in.
    it sounds like you want the wallet though - reread your first post. so there you go.
  9. The wallet is a fun idea and can be used with all of your bags right now!!! And you can choose a bag for your next purchase!!
  10. ."..orange, awesome......" looks like the Dogon might be your heart's desire:yes:
  11. The Picotin in a different colour.
  12. Well, if it's opinion you want...I've always got more than enough to spare.

    I think picotin. In orange. Or another bright color. Ask your SA to get it in from another store, if the boutique you go to is part of the extended network. If your SA can't, get a different SA who can.

    Of course, if your heart is set on the wallet, then I say get the wallet.

    The wallet could be carried every day, but it stays hidden in your bag. If you get a picotin, you might not carry it every day, but when you do, it sits out and gives you a little thrill everytime you walk by and see it.

    Just my opinion, though.
  13. I think the Picotin in a nice bright color for the Spring =)

    For the wallet, I would pick a more neutral color so that I can use it with all my bags!
  14. I'm not 100% sure on this...but doesn't the Dogon cost as much as a Picotin? Maybe it's just me but if a wallet costs the same as a handbag, I go for the handbag! :p
  15. I would start a hunt for a picotin in a bright colour ... nxt get a wallet ... you should be able to get one in a great spring colour or a classic gold...?