Okay, I need your help one last time.....

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  1. Decisions...Decisions....lol Okay, I am usually a very decisive person. I know what I want and go for it usually but for some reason I can not decide between these two items.
    My husband likes the first one because he says it's more 'classic'....lol. Truthfully that one was my first pick (and my husband didn't know that before giving me his opinion).
    I also like the Pochette Accessories because it looks as if it can also be used as a clutch or 'bag' (although I HATE tiny bags). I can see carrying it that way when I am running into the bank or store and don't want to bring my larger bag.
    Please help again..... I know that many of you own the pochette and love it but does anyone own the Florentine?
    I just really want a 'wallet' to carry with my Speedy... and I'm going to buy it tonight or tomorrow...THANKS! :heart:

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  2. Um... they're both cute.

    But, if you want a bag with strap (even though, it's short), may be you will choose the pochette.

    For me, I think Florentine is useful (if you can just buy the stap or a belt), it helps you so much when you don't have enough hand to carry things.
  3. Are you sure you need either pochette or the Florentine as a wallet? In my mind the wallet serves to organize cash, loose change, and credit cards. It would serve one of your functions, that of the clutch. I don't really think it serves as a wallet though would be too big. JMO
  4. pochette for me :yes:
  5. ^^ I guess I want a multipurpose clutch/wallet 'thingy'....LOL. Do you think either will be too large to use as a wallet? Or are you just referring to the Pochette? Do you think the Florentine is a little too large? Right now I have about 2-3 wallets in my purse.. I have one for my checkbook (s)---one just to carry credit cards, bills, business cards and other items---more of an agenda. Yet another coin purse to carry coins....So anything with room will work for me.
  6. I would rather do the second pochette or the regular pochette.
  7. I guess I'm more practical and since my husband insists that the Florentine is better..that's the one I'll get NOW...lol. I will likely get the Pochette at some point I'm sure. I'm buying the Wapity next I am sure.
    Thanks for the input. I will take photos when I get it!!
  8. I like the Florentine just a little bit more...
  9. I LOVE my pochette..
  10. Me too Mr. Posh Spice and I've placed the order. I can't wait to receive it. I'm so happy I ordered it instead of the pochette.

    I'm also watching the Beverly Clutch ..... I think I am in LOVE:heart::love:. That one is going on my list and it's a definite 'will buy'.
  11. Congrats on the Florentine! It'll make a cute wallet/pochette/kind of clutch thing.
    Get the Beverly! I think that is such a cute Monogram clutch/shoulder purse.
  12. congrats!