Okay I need your expertise this time around guys!

  1. The Trouville or The Speedy 30 in Monogram?

    I already have my formed "opinion" of what I think about these bags...but on your end and to anyone who has The Trouville or Speedy 30 in Monogram? Which would you strongly prefer?

    I'm going to be a nice brother and yeah get one of these bags for my sister, (although my gutt feeling says it will be the Speedy) and all this time I'm always like "NO SPEEDY'S" but yeah just seeing everyone get one, and my sister actually wanting one... I'm like shoot, haha... I'm thinking The Trouville is nice because its structured, and the pockets are great.

    Anyhow, I would love your opinion! I'm so conflicted myself and I shouldn't be since I know the in's and out's of both bags, but I wanted to get an outside opinion!

    If you were my sister, and you carried a lot - which would serve you better? The Trouville, or The Speedy 30?
  2. Well, I'm not a girl, but I say . . .

    Go for the Speedy! If I were a girl, and could get only one bag, that's the one I'd go for. It's a classic!
  3. Its so funny cause I try to put myself in a "girls" position.

    Lets see what the girls say, I know someone out there will vouch for The Trouville... I'm so for that bag... ahh, but yeah I know its ultimately not my decision...but anyhow!

    Hope you like your Keepall btw!

    I'll wait till it hits RTV... haha, no hurry on my end! LOL
  4. Well, given the choice between the two..I like the Trouville.
    It has nice structure...it's basically between a bag WITH structure or one without. I'd say the Trouville.
  5. i am a fan of the trouville, everyone has a speedy, get something different, its lv afterall and timeless to the bone! esp. in mono
  6. Hey thanks Rebecca... great input! I'm all sitting here like confused, and its like "LAURENCE, SNAP OUT OF IT..." haha. I'm for The Trouville myself as well - I really like that structured look and feel.
  7. i :heart: my speedy 30. i'm sure your [LUCKY!] sister will too!
  8. *YAY* another Trouville fan! haha... thanks for your input too!
  9. I talked to her yesterday and she said she wants the Trouville. ;)

  10. Lol you're welcome :yes:
  11. i prefer the Trouville too :yes:. i have the white Multicolore one myself, but i really like it in Mono too. it's so much less common than the Speedy, and if you get the Mono one your sister can make use of all the little pockets inside
  12. Sandra! Thank you! (I haven't forgotten about the dust bag either... I promise... I was told by Jun she ordered some extra's, but they are lagging.)

    You've probably seen, I am a Trouville fan too - and thats beautiful you have it MC white! I'm sure the little pockets are totally handy too.
  13. J! Your so funny! haha. I am totally for The Trouville too! Lets see what other girls like it too on this forum.

    Seriously that's so funny you kept my card that I mailed to you! I am touched, I really am! =)
  14. AHEM.
    *cough* lock *cough* ;)

    Lol :roflmfao:
  15. you're welcome:cutesy:

    i absolutely love my white Trouville, but my only peeve is that it doesn't have the pockets that the Mono Trouville does :blah:

    and don't worry about the dustbag; i'm not in a great big rush for it :P.