Okay...I need opinions!

  1. I'm in need of a new black bag. Right now I have Hamptons Signature Satchel (last years style), but I'm looking for something different. Right now I'm looking at either the Gallery Signature Tote in black or the Hamptons Signature Medium Carryall.

    What is everyones opinions on these two bags?
  2. i think that the whole carly line is so cute in black. i really like my bleeker.
  3. I have Carly in chocolate brown so I was thinking a different style.
  4. Are you a fan of Bleecker or Legacy lines???
    Gallery totes are adorable and very functional too. Are you looking for something for 'going out' or work or school or whatever? What do you want to use this bag for?
  5. It's going to be used for more of an everyday bag. I'm not a big fan of the Bleecker line.

    I'm looking for something medium sized, which is what drew me towards the Gallery Tote.
  6. If it's just for casual everyday use, I prefer the gallery tote. They are so stinkin cute. I really like the special studded one, have you seen it? You may be able to find it at a dept store on sale by now...;) Or if you know someone in the military, have them check their BX/PX because I saw some at mine last week.
  7. I saw someone with the Hamptons bag today and it looks like a very classy everyday dress up or down kind of bag. I think that would be a good bag but since you have that bag already why not get something different.

    The gallery tote is a good choice.

    I have the large signature chelsea hobo in all black and I love it. It's very light and versatile.

    I hope that helps some! ;)
  8. I saw the studded one at my local outlet in brown and believe me, had they had it in black it would have came home with me! :lol: I'm really leaning towards the Gallery tote, I've always liked the style of those handbags.
  9. Get it, girl! It sounds like you have made up your mind!!!!!
  10. I like the shape of the carryalls, my only qualm with the gallery totes is how open they are. I think I am leaning more towards closed bags now. I sold a Black Sig Gallery Tote with Turquoise lining not to long ago. BEAUTIFUL bag, but I was always fearful of rain/snow coming into the purse or everything dumping out when I took a turn too fast. Let us know what you decide and SHOW US PICS!!!
  11. ^^That's a good point and why I stopped using my shoulder tote so much, it only has that dogleash closure on the inside and my stuff would spill out...and it rains a lot in Oregon!!! So I relegated it for summer use only now :sad:
  12. Hamptons Carryall! It's such a classic shape and I think it looks better than just another tote (for some reason, I have something against plain totes, haha).
  13. I never zip my bags anyway because I can never hear my cell phone ring anyway :lol: So for me zipping a bag isn't that big of a deal...I think I may just get the Gallery Tote, now to get to the store tomorrow to get it!