Okay I need ideas....

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  1. selling your bag here on the forum is not a option.
  2. no one would respond to my post.
  3. try to find a local second hand store in your town. maybe you can put your bags there for them to sell it for you.
    good luck...
  4. Would you consider an eBay trading assistant? I used one from my town (by doing a search in the Community section of eBay) to sell 2 Bottega Veneta's for me. I paid the listing fees and she took 25% commission (the higher the price it sells for, the lower the commission). She took the photos, wrote the listing and gave me approval over how it looked, did all the work, and got more for the purses than I'd ever get on my own. There were several people listed for my area and I based my choice on her seller's feedback and a meeting we had to see if we would be able to work together.

    Just an idea to consider.
  5. No soliciting sales on the forum please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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