Okay. I need HELP!

  1. Last night I was at Tysons. My mother and I went into the Chanel boutique to look at a sharpey bag. The SA then proceeded to tell us about the price increase on the classic flaps. I fell in love with a Jumbo flap and my mom wants to get it before the price increase (nov.1)

    Then we go into NM. I am saving for a jaune GGH City which they sold, and my mom hated the color. I contnued to look and they had one LE NM gunmetal city. IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!!! and LE so I am having a problem! The chanel will always be there and rising in price. But the City is LE and something I had my heart set on.

    Should I run back to NM now? Or call the Chanel boutique?
  2. Run BACK TO NM NOWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I should! I know you guys may be interested lol! I just gave away valuble info!
  4. That was truly crazy of you - lucky I am in the UK.

    For goodness sake - go and buy the LE as quickly as possible.
  5. Go girl what are you waiting for............