Okay....I need help w/ a decision.....

  1. Okay, so I posted a thread about Gallery Totes a little bit ago, and someone gave me some great info that I needed (so Mods, if you wanna close that one, that's fine, caz I don't want to have too many threads floating around...lol).

    Anyway, I found a gorgeous one on eBay, the leather trim is exactly what I wanted, and the buy it now price is $199, which I think is great. I'm 105% sure it's real, now but I'll post the link just in case.....

    Anyway, here's the problem: as you know, I already have a Khaki/bronze Carly coming tomorrow, so I feel a bit ashamed to get this one too! This would be my third bag in two weeks! So........what should I do? This bag is pretty much not going to be available anymore as far as I know. Help! :sweatdrop:

  2. Wow LA you got a tough decision to make! I think that deal is SUCH a great buy... although you said you have a khaki/bronze carly coming to you also? I guess its up to you on how much you would wear both the bags? I personally love the carly!! :smile:
  3. yes, I see what you mean. I already have a couple of bags, and I need to get some use out of them. But I'm really thinking I'd regret not going for this deal, because I doubt I'll get to an outlet in the next couple of months, and it's exactly what I wanted...at such a great deal.......ugh! I am addicted....lol.
  4. If it were me, I wouldn't get it... but I'm sure many others will enable you to get it! *lol*

    I'm a person that likes to have variety in my colors (and styles) so if I already had something mostly khaki I wouldn't want another one, especially since the only color difference between the two is bronze and tan accents. In this situation I'd think about which one I like more and would wear more, and not think about how the latter bag isn't going to be available (because that'll cloud your decision making).

    If you think this bag is something you just have to have and is absolutely wonderful, then you know your choice. But if you need to ask about opinions, then I'd say think about which one you like/love more. :yes:

  5. Do you feel like you really need this bag or is it really appealing because it might not be available too much longer?
  6. Ugh! You're right, plus I already have the Madeline tote........
  7. Being they had the exact same bag at Woodbury yesterday, I would call your closest outlet or an outlet that has them and see if you can get one there. It's a better deal at $135.
  8. I think you should get this one! Because.....what *IF* your Carly coming tomorrow is too gold for your taste? I think I remember you mentioning that you hoped it wouldn't be too gold instead of bronze??? Well, I saw the khaki/bronze yesterday at Macy's and it's REALLY gold, so *just in case* you should get this one as backup! LOL!!!! I'm terrible...I have no will power, so I am not very helpful... :smile:
  9. Come to think of it, I LOVE the style, and I think it's so pretty, but I think the fact that it won't be available anymore IS making it appear even more appealing to me. I'm sure they will just come out w/ another version of the Gallery tote in time. Thanks!
  10. haha LA, i don't know what to tell ya then... i love the madeline that you just got and i'm sure the carly you'll be getting is TDF!! Its up to you, but I do agree w/you, it is a great buy!! :tup:
  11. Oh really? I think you just may have been the deal breaker! THANK YOU! You've made it less tempting for me!!!!! I thought $199 was actually a steal, but they are even cheaper at an outlet? Cool, thanks so much for the info....maybe I'll just wait and see if I get to an outlet.

    I know I won't be going to an outlet anytime soon. Maybe at the closest possible time, in April. But I'll hold out and see what they have. I'm sure they won't all be sold out.
  12. lol....thanks. I think I've decided to be a good girl.
  13. Tough choice, LA! I think you really need to think about whether or not you think you will really use this! If you think they are going to come out with a new style later this year, then I might hold off. But, at the same time, if its a bag that you have been looking for and can't fine it elsewhere, then get it. And just put yourself on a BIG ban for a while since its your third bag in two weeks. I would also be prepared for all of the new stuff coming out this spring and summer! Some new pieces are going to be so tempting!
  14. Yay for you!! :tup:
  15. You're right! I'm going to be strong....I really don't need it. And I'd probably feel too guilty to enjoy getting it anyway.

    Thanks everyone! I really needed the advice...lol.