okay i need help deciding...??? About Vernis too.

  1. so i wanna get and lv wallet. but alas i can not choose.

    i def want a zippy wallet. i was looking at the new groom monogram, vernis and regular mono zippy wallet.

    i think i either want the groom or the vernis....but my only thing with vernis is i have never seen it in person (no LV in CT)i cant tell from the pics. i just dont want it to look cheap ya know....cause it kinda looks plasticy.

    and then my next question is color....i love white so the pearl looked nice...i was also thinking noisette. does anyone have pics of these like...real pics so i can see what it looks like not all dolled up online. and also....does it scratch??

    i also wanted to get the matching bedford. but idk.

    does the pearl haveany underlying color....like a blue tint or is it just straight white. i remember the first tme i ever saw one online and it was marshmallow...OMG *sigh* loved it....

    thanks guys:heart:
  2. Hi louislover,

    I just bought a zippy wallet last week. I saw the groom zippy organizer and it really is huge...I didn't expect it to be that big. I also looked at the vernis but decided I wanted traditional monogram so I bought the regular zippy wallet and I love it. I highly recommend it!
  3. Here's my noisette lexington, I also have a framboise agenda pm and a beige cles, I love all of them....Noisette seemed most practical for me in the lexington but I do still feel like I need a little something in perle. I was considering a reade but I think I have changed my mind, everytime I play with one it just doesn't seem like me, it doesn't feel right. I would def. go for a wallet in vernis, I use my pm agenda as a wallet and it's sooooo much fun to pull out of my bags!
  4. i just got a framboise pochette monnaie. I love the perle but am scared of color transfer sincce it's white and heard that it gets dirty easily. I saw someone using a pearl wallet and it was really beautiful. I think vernis is more classy but harder to maintain... groom line is more classic plus it's limited ed. good lick. Bedfords are to die for, esp marshmallow, unfortunately I couldnt find one now plus im worried abt discoloration.