Okay, I need blunt honesty...

  1. I did not like this bag online, however I fell in love with it in the store. They did not have it in black, so I had to order it. They let me use my 25% card which will be charged on Monday. What do you think? Do you think it is too trendy? I also bought two scarves and of course, the beagle keychain. :P
  2. i really like it. you could wear that in any neutral and look cute.
  3. ITA, it is AMAZING IRL! I almost got it as my first Coach but I decided to start with the book tote w/o the trim. I think it's stunning...great choice!
  4. Do you think the python stripe is too much? I was never a fan of reptile on bags until I saw this one today.
  5. i love it. the python stripe isn't overbearing and just gives it a certain punch. as for trendy, i would say no. i think it's a perfect mix of a classic coach and an updated look. and you know we'd all be honest with you. :smile:
    and i want that beagle keychain! (my puppy and love of my life is a beagle)
  6. I just saw this bag IRL yesterday and couldnt help but fondle it - go for it! It looks fab in black.
  7. I dont think its too trendy at all! I havent seen it IRL yet but in black it does megaphone COACH! and the python stripe isnt too overbearing either. I cant wait to see pictures!
  8. thats a cool bag,i saw it on the coach site yesterday,did you get the matching wallet too?:yes:
  9. I LOVE it! Enjoy the bag!
  10. My first babies were beagles. :love: Casey and Chester. They passed almost two years ago. We are getting another beagle next summer; that is how long it has taken me to get used to the idea of loving another doggie again.
  11. I would have loved too, but that would have been pushing it! Some older man was buying one for his wife (the wallet) while I was there. It was beautiful! :heart:
  12. I think this bag is great, not too trendy at all. A friend of mine got the signature leather book tote, I think it's the same size as this. It's really a great size and shape. She says it doesn't fit comfortably on her shoulder if she's wearing a jacket, which is kind of a shame. This shape is so pleasing to me, though, I don't think I'd care if I could wear it on my shoulder or not.
  13. I think it's absolutely gorgeous! Not too trendy and I love the python! Enjoy!
  14. Oooh, they let you order with the card? Nice SAs! Give them all your Coach business! :smile:
  15. It is gorgeous in person! Congrats. :biggrin:
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