Okay, I need a wallet.

  1. Something that'll fit enough money and inside my epi pochette. Can be in any line. I just don't think a PTI would fit although I'd love to have a MC one =( I also carry around my phone and keys.
  2. How about a Ludlow?
  3. Ludlow isn't really a wallet, more like a card case with a coin pouch. I dont like my bills folded btw =/
  4. I am thinking of a Porte Billets because I need something small to fit in my Recital and it has a place for id, cards and bills (I don't like folding my $ either).:amuse:
  5. A pochette isn't that wide though...
    Maybe you can get something like this
    Porte Valeurs Organizer

    and something else to hold your change

    Or this looks kind of smallish and you wouldn't have to fold your bills:smile:
    Snapped Billfold & Coin Purse

  6. I have the porte valeurs. But my phone is the thing taking up space. Right now I fit my Mini agenda, card thingy, and my phone and keys. Just annoys me cause I have to fold my money. The porte valeurs fits but nothing else does afterwards.
  7. what about this


    Or what about this

    Louis Vuitton
    Yen and Credit Card Holder $380.00

    Designed with the Japanese businessman in mind, the exterior of this slim wallet features the classic Damier canvas, while the interior provides six credit cards slots, and two longer slots for yen. Chic and streamlined.
    Coated Damier pattern canvas with textured leather lining
    Six credit card slots
    Two inner bill slots, designed to hold yen
    4" x 7"

  8. koala? I love it :love:
  9. I was looking into the koala. I might have to go try it out while I see if they can replace my Tango straps
  10. how about the pink Vernis? I got one and it looks fab w/ all my LV's & even my Burberry Nova & Marc Jacobs bowlers too!
  11. i quite like the Snapped Billfold & Coin Purse

    good luck!!! i'm sure you'll find something you'll LOVE!
  12. i think the snapped bilfold would be the best fit! I have one in vernis and its hold alot yet compact although it does get a little bulky when you put too much coins.