Okay, I lied.........there's one more thing I'd like to purchase this season.......

  1. but I need your help deciding on a color. I've been pining over that GH Flat Clutch since I first saw this photo.......


    I want to use it for organization in my GH Anthracite Work. Of course, I'll also use it alone as well. Should I go for Black with GH or something to add a splash of color? What do you suggest that will go well with Anthracite?
  2. I would suggest a color other than black. The sandstone is a great color and the GH is a nice compliment.
  3. I would get black~ black is always HOT!!!!!!!!
  4. I am one that never chooses black over other colors. But, in this - I really love the black. I think it will be the most versatile for evenings out. My other choice would be vermillion.
  5. I have to pick black as well. I agree with the above post, it would be great for evenings out. It would look very classy with the GH.
  6. I'm not going to be any help at all - I say get both the Black and the Sandstone
  7. vermillion
  8. sandstone or black are very good choices. i think i'm gonna go w/ black this time...just in case you want to use the clutch by itself for evenings out and such. black is classic, and you can't go wrong.
  9. Aqua! or Sandstone!
  10. Hmmm....how about this: Aqua or Black or Sandstone!!!

    You have to have a choice, and I think that any of these colors would go FAB with your Anthra...
  11. I love you Cracker! I thought I was going to be ill when you said you were done! I love this clutch. I would do black b/c then you can use it so well w/ all of your bags for all seasons. Let us know what you decide!
  12. :roflmfao: LOL... Yes I love the title... Anyhow, I think you couldn't go wrong with either Black or Sandstone!!
  13. Although a color pop is always nice, I think Black would be sooooo useful for other occasions than organizing your Work.
  14. i think black as well, esp if you want to use it inside a bag as an organizer as well as a "normal" clutch...
  15. the GH clutch looks dressy to me, so i am voting for black. that way, you can use it as a going out purse. plus, the GH in black looks really sexy. good luck!