Okay, I know I'm being VERY annoying, but I need help!

  1. Okay, I know I have asked similar questions about this, but Daphne has a really great aqua city for me and I am debating like crazy. Will I have too much in the blue/green family if I get it? ( I have FB and Vert d'eau) My only other color is truffle. Honestly tell me what you think! I have to make a decision soon.
  2. I'd go for the Aqua. It is a beautiful color and very different from FB and Vert d'eau.
  3. You are not annoying, you are funny!! I just gave my new Aqua city a spin today and I got a lot of smiles..I am a total jeans/t shirt girl and needed that pop in my wardrobe, I LOVE LOVE it..I think it's kinda like a neutral IMO..GO FOR IT..FB and Vert D are totally different..
  4. here are pics of the aqua
  5. ^where are the pics? am I blind?

    I don't think aqua is anything like FB.. and definitely nothing like vert d'eau :p So you like blue-y bags? Meh.. all of my bbags will probably be in the blue fam. too!

    btw, your collection is growing so quickly! lol
  6. I agree that it's kind of a neutral w/"pop"... I think it's a YES!
  7. sorry here it is


    Does it look too blue like my fb in my avatar?
  8. FB and aqua are such different shades of blue. I see nothing wrong with owning both if you have the means. ;) There are lots of girls here who "specialize" in just one color group, i.e. has all the pinks and reds and hardly ever steps outside that range. It's all about what your eyes enjoy the most!
  9. go for it! the aqua is gorgeous. it might be in the same "family" as your other bag colors, but that's obviously what you like. you will love it, i'm sure.
  10. Get the aqua. Consider that I'm biased because I adore mine, but I think you may regret it if you don't grab this one.
  11. I agree with KD. I think that aqua and FB are such different shades of blue. If blues are what you like, get blue! There is someone here (forget who) who owns several blue bags (and I think blue only) in different shades of blue. To each, his/her own!
  12. if u like it, go for it!
    i have like 10 black bags and still getting more LOL
  13. They are very different IRL. Go for it!
  14. I think you should get the aqua city!:yes: Love the color!:love:
  15. After seeing the pics you definitely NEED to get it. If you end up passing on it please let me know! I think its TDF!