Okay, I have to ask...

  1. ...what is up with all the new eBay IDs bidding on Bal bags?? A whole bunch of IDs created within the past couple of weeks, zero feedback, bidding on lots of Balenciaga auctions... it's very mysterious... :ninja: Am I imagining things, or has anyone else noticed it too?
  2. I wondered the same thing. I was wondering if it is the sellers trying to build up feedback for their fakes. :P
  3. are they bidding on fakes, then?
  4. Shill bidding going on...
  5. definetly shill bidding I think...
  6. Hmm...maybe I should know, but what is shill bidding?
  7. No, that's what's odd, they're bidding on authentic bags.

    pippop, shill bidding is when you have someone (or another ID of your own) bid on bags just to raise the price, without the intention of actually winning.
  8. ^Oh. That's awful.

    I have also noticed a lot of these bidders; wouldn't it be expensive to bid on authentic bags just to build feedback to sell fake bags? Doesn't make sense to me...
  9. If they're bidding on fake bags - I say let 'em have them!
  10. i think if they are bidding on authentic bags...

    1. its either to raise the market price of balenciagas on eBay just in general- to get their bags to be worth more in the long run.
    2. it is the actual seller bidding the item up

    I've noticed that a LOT of fake sellers have been listing their bags at higher prices lately as well, around 800 or so with BINs- my thought is that the higher authentic bags go on eBay- the higher the price of fakes gets too, because they can charge more -so even in comparison to the high priced authentics, the slightly lower priced fakes seem like a good deal to unsuspecting and uneducated buyers...

    but also- I've noticed on TFS a lot of new people coming in to talk/look at new bbags lately. the teen queens still carry them from time to time and were recently in a Hillary Duf movie- so they are exposed every once in awhile to the teens... so that could be it too.
  11. I was referring to the ones that are bidding on the fake bags. :yes: If a seller wants to build up positive feedback with raves in her feedback saying how gorgeous the bag was, how authentic, etc. it pays for them to spend a little to make a lot. Many people, including myself won't buy an expensive bag from a seller with 0 or a few feedbacks.
    A couple of years ago a seller did that with LV. It worked for a month or so, she cleaned up in a couple of months, got caught and left.
  12. What? Are they allowed to bid on their own items?!:wtf: :censor: :hysteric:
  13. No, you're not allowed to bid on your own items; I think they create new IDs on Ebay to bid on their items to raise the prices.
  14. that is what shill bidding is...

    note: I have no proof of any of this, I'm just getting all comfy on the grassy knoll over here.
  15. that's horrible! I've been noticing it too. Alot of user ID's with basically zero feedback are bidding on items...when alot of times users hate it when a new username is bidding.Ebayers who are selling an expensive items always emphasize that you, " DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE UNDER 10 FEEDBACKS". People just don't trust them enough with zero histroy...yet you still see some people on ebay letting it go by.And I found that fishy.:sad: