Okay, I have a few questions....

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  1. I have a few questions for you Coachies and need some advice...

    First question, which one should I get?

    Magenta Madeline?
    Pleated Ergo Satchel in Natural?

    Second question, is the Magenta Madeline hard to come by and do you think they will sell out? I'm leaning more toward the Madeline, but I love the Ergo in Natural, and missed out on the first reg. tote. But my Madeline in khaki/brown is my fave bag right now, I love how I can find everything in it, and I love the look of it.

    Third question, do you think I should get the Magenta Madeline now, if I were to choose that one? Do you think I would miss out if I were to wait until next month or June?

    TIA to anyone who gives their input! Can't wait to hear it!!!:heart:

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  2. I love my Madeline, but I honestly don't care for it in Magenta.

    Between those two I really like the Pleated Ergo Satchel more because you can carry it every season (whereas the Magenta is more of a Spring/Summer color) and it just seems more versatile.

    Personally I would get more use out of the Natural colored Pleated Ergo Satchel so I'd opt for that one.
  3. Wow I can see why your are finding this decision difficult! It sounds like you seem more keen on the madeline, and since the magenta is a tdf colour you should probably go for that, though personally I love the new pleated ergo style. I also don't know what an LC tote looks like, lol.
  4. Here's what the LC tote looks like
    Sorry the pics are so small, but the link wouldn't let me copy and paste pics from it...

    Edit: Sorry, I did attatch pics...or so I thought...here's a pic
  5. I am trying to decide between the Magenta madeline and the Pink Patent satchel!!! And I have to make my decision by tomorrow morning!!!!
  6. Darn! I keep messing it up! Sorry, okay, here's the pic...lol, I don't think the Coach forum wants the Linea Pelle bag present...
  7. Magenta Madeline
  8. Really? That's a tough decision too! What are you leaning more towards?
  9. Thanks for your input everyone, so far!
  10. I went on the website to see the tote from different angles and stuff, it is nice but I think the coach options are nicer :yes:
  11. Thank you! It does just feel wrong to cheat on Coach...
  12. wow that is a hard decision, both so pretty and pink!!!
  13. maybe you could get both then return which ever one you choose not to keep? that way you can decide in person may be easier but then again you might want to keep both lol
  14. I like the pleated satchel the best. Then the Linea Pelle. I'm not a fan of the madeline