Okay, I gave in, I ordered my BG city! Pic inside!

  1. I don't know if I will wear this color a lot, but I can't get it off of my mind. That and Faith (the 4 year old) thinks that this is the best BBag color ever! SO, it is on it's way! I'll post more pics when she gets here. Thanks Kim!


    I am also on the 'list' for a bg coin purse!
  2. CONGRATS... Make sure to let us know when she arrives. Hope you LOVE her, ENJOY!!!
  3. congrats :yahoo:!! That's so cute that Faith said that BG is the best bbag ever!! I can't wait for pictures!!
  4. It's so pretty! That's so cute your daughter (I presume) likes it! I wonder if she's excited to one day inherit your collection! :smile:
  5. that is such a cute colour~ congrats :tup:

    just a quick question~ where do u order your bbags from? Thanks!
  6. Be sure to post photos when she arrives! You have to tell us what Faith says when she sees it IRL!
  7. Congrats!!! Looks so dreamy!
  8. I feel the same way about the BG. I wasn't going to get one but I keep thinking about it. I think I will get a first.
  9. I just consulted with my 4 year old and she says she prefers my rouge VIF city. But...what does SHE know? haha. Red IS her favorite color though.
  10. GORGOUS!!:love: Congrats, sweety!:yahoo: Can't wait to see your pics!:yes::heart:
  11. Faith could live her entire existance in a pink world. Today she has on pink tights, pink leather boots, white faux fur skirt and a pink shirt. She dresses her self, her sister is the TOTAL opposite. Savanna is a tomboy and proud of it! She is repulsed by this bag. Her favorite was my VG city which I have since sold.
  12. Congrats Shasta girl. :yahoo:Can't wait to see your modeling pics.:woohoo: I had my name down for the Day in RH but i passed.:jammin:
  13. Congratulations, you are going to love it. It will look great with your coloring IF you can keep Faith from confiscating it. Maybe this will be her first Bbag!
  14. YAY Shasta! That is a gorgeous choice, and I love that Faith approved it :yes: You will look stunning with it!
  15. My 14 year old wants my BI - if they only knew.:smile:
    Can't wait for Faith's modeling pics!