Okay, I don't know what's come over me- REALLY cleaning out my closet.

  1. Okay,

    I listed four bags on eBay that I haven't used in awhile in addition to deciding that the Bleecker Shopper, Bleecker hobo in British Tan, and one of my new small Bleecker flaps are going back to Coach.

    Here is what I need help with.

    Should I keep the Bleecker checkbook wallet in British Tan or my Bleecker Clutch wallet in chocolate signature?

    Should I keep the small Tattersall umbrella or the large stick Tattersall umbrella?

    Should I keep the new Bleecker small flap in wine or the one in chocolate signature?

    The BF also said I should take back the Camel Lily, but I REFUSE!!!
  2. Oh boy.. this is tough! I'll try to give my opinion anyway:

    -For the 2 wallets, I think whichever color you have more of in your wardrobe (tan or black), keep that wallet so it will go with more of your bags. If you are a mix & match person or have lots of colorful bags, I think just go with the one you like more. It seems that the tan would be good if you have the camel lily

    - For the Bleeker flap, I think both of the colors are GORGEOUS, so i can't say. Both? lol

    -I would definitely keep the small umbrella because it will be easier to tote around than the large one

    And lastly, you're right- do NOT take back the camel lily!!!!! too gorgeous! :smile: Good luck with your eBay sales & congrats on taking charge over your collection- it's hard to get rid of bags, hehe

  3. I would keep the chocolate sig clutch wallet, the small tattersall umbrella (more practical I think), and the chocolate sig small flap (to match the wallet).
  4. Ditto!
  5. OMG...I have such a hard time letting go! Not only am I emotionally attached but it kills me to know I will only get a fraction of what I paid. Some of my bags still have the price tag attached. I know it must sound crazy. The last time I took 7 bags out to sell, I only ended up listing 3 of them.
  6. I agree with this.
  7. Thanks for your input.

    ALthough I listed the 4 bags on ebay last night they just became "searchable" this morning AND my Katy Legacy Tote already sold!!!!!

    I am very sad to see her go (only wore her three times), but now that I have the Tattersall Travel Tote she [Katy] was just sitting unused. I was always really paranoid about carrying her because of that material she is made of.

    Okay, here's hoping my others sell quickly as well [1 down 3 more to go]. I was thinking to head to the outlet to do my returns today, but since I have to head that way to the airport tomorrow I think I will just do it then.
  8. Congrats on the sale! :yahoo: I love it when they sell right away...makes it a LITTLE easier departing with them. Just a little. :sad: I just listed two bags myself....new signature ones I've never worn with the tags (Hamptons Book Tote and a White Python Khaki Sig Patchwork tote) and I'm hoping they will sell, RIGHT AWAY, since I went a little overboard on Ergo Large Tote purchases this week. :nuts: It's really nice that they hold their value pretty much.

    Let us know what you decide to keep! :smile: