Okay I did it!! BUT issue with SA.

  1. Okay I fell in love with the black leather carly demi yesterday while shopping for my mom. The SA told me that if I change my mind to give him a call and I can phone order since I live so far. I called the store today and he wouldn't do it!!!! So I called the store in Orlando that I bought my other stuff in last week and they did it no problem!!! She was actually soooo nice about it and very accomodating!! So its ordered! I took you guys opinion and got the lilac mini skinny BUT I got it to exchange for the pear when it come out on the 30th.
    I just don't know why he said he would do something for me then don't. Oh Well!!
  2. I'm glad someone was willing to accomodate you! That's a bummer that he was being like that.
    But..... YOU GOT YOUR DEMI!!! Yay! It's so, so, so cute. congrats!
  3. That's crazy that he would tell you one thing but not follow through....good that you were able to order it though!
  4. that makes no sense...a SALES agent wouldn't make a sale?? am I missing something? Ummm...isn't that where the paycheck comes from?
  5. Are they shipping it to you or are you picking it up?
  6. Shipping it to me. I bought from a store that is over 2 hours away since the one that is 1 hour wouldn't do it.
  7. That's ridiculous. That sales associate isn't really dedicated to his profession, is he? At least you found someone better!
  8. Geez, luckily you found someone to ship to you.
  9. I was willing to pick it up as long as I could purchse it ahead of time. He wouldn't do anything to help me even though he previously said he would. Oh well!
  10. I hate it when I hear that my favorite store is falling down in customer service.
    Write a letter thanking the SA that took your order, but mention in passing the SA that wouldn't accomadate you, and the store that they work at. That should sort out all issues nicely.

    Glad that you got your order in though.