Okay, I couldn't wait so I bought coupon at e-bay...

  1. Some would probably think I'm desperate (I guess I am!) but up to now I haven't received any coupon in the mail so I took the plunge and bought one at e-bay for $10.00 with free shipping. So far, this was the cheapest one being sold at "Buy It now". The others were a bit greedy asking for more. Trying to justify my action by thinking I'd still save about $47.00 if I apply it towards an Ergo, better than $0.00!
  2. Awesome! You wouldn't happen to be in Boston would ya?? ;););) lol I have given up on getting a card, probably for the best.
  3. No, I'm in Missouri.
  4. I bought one off eBay in March. I had to have it because a co worker was being SUPER stingy with hers and saying it was supppppper exclusive. So I HAD to show her! Yeah I'm terrible.

    BUT buying that one on eBay has ended up getting my mom one (she used it after me) for the last two PCE's. So it could start you on the road to getting more!
  5. lol That's where I'm from! Damn if only I didn't move 2 years ago ha! Where abouts in Missouri? The Palmer family has never ventured outside of Missouri until me lol.
  6. I would buy one but I think not getting a PCE card is the only thing keeping me from buying the Angora Carly. ;_;
  7. I'm in Sedalia so have to drive 1 1/2 hours to Kansas to visit a Coach store and 1 hour to Osage Beach where they have an outlet store!
  8. I was wondering if it's safe to buy a PCE card from eBay. I worry that there might be some fake ones out there. I would be so embarrassed if I go to the Coach Store and present my PCE and find out that it's fake.
  9. I think it will help to choose the seller carefully--check out the feedback and ratings.
  10. lol, i never thought about fake PCE cards. that's kinda funny but i am sure it happens. sellers can easily steal pics too...
    but, i dont think it was wrong of you to buy your pce card. the discount may be worth it.
  11. ^ Haha.. I was thinking about that too when I just did a ebay search for a pce card.
  12. i would say its definitely worth it!
  13. Before buying a PCE card next time you should go into teh store and inquire about getting a discount. I have heard some folks have gotten them without having one.
  14. Darn Brandless, I wish I would have seen this earlier. I received a card but was able to place my PCE order over the phone.

    I'll keep you in mind for the nexxt PCE - you can save that $10 for something else!