Okay I can't take it anymore, MY CL's ARE SO UNCOMFORTABLE!

  1. after having these decollete's for about 2 months or maybe a month and a half....and after wearing them about 4 or 5 times.....(short amount of times coz they are so uncomfy) and after thinking they would stretch, THEY HAVENT!!! They hurt me so bad and I always try to say that they fit me but they just hurt really bad and almost broke my ankle in them twice because they are so small....these are my first pair of CL's and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! Should I just sell them on eBay or something? Craigslist? It's weird coz i dont know if there is someone out there with a size 5.5 shoe in the decollete. lol. what are my options as far as keeping these shoes and what's a good re-sale value? The bottoms are pretty scuffed up already =( I wish i brought my camera to work but I would have to take pictures later on today...

    any suggestions??? I'm sad i really love my camel dec's =( but hardly wear them because they are uncomfy...!!
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. :sad: I am scared now. My SA finally found the nude decolletes in my size and is having them shipped to me. I may have him cancel the order. Have you tried a shoe tree to stretch them out?
  3. Tiffany_Darling,

    Thanks for your reply...well yes, i'm originally a 5.5 in all sandals/shoes/pumps and i got a 5.5 in the decolletes and they crush my toes!!!! =( I think you should go 1 full size up or 1/2 a size up....it may slip off your heel though thta's why i didnt bother getting a size 6 because i was scared of that. anyway, i have not tried a shoe stretcher...do i just go to the cobbler's for that? and does it ruin the leather???
  4. I think you should try to sell it on eBay and buy it in a different size. The decolletes are gorgeous! I always have to go up 1 whole size in decolletes and this is the first time I ever heard someone getting their true size. Even if it slips off, it's better to add heel liners. Plus, the toe box would be a lot more comfortable.
  5. Armani, I think you need to sell them. Since you got them TTS, I'm not surprised that they are uncomfortable! They run really small. I am a US7.5 and am waiting for my SA to send me 38.5's. The 38's were tight, could barely get them on, and patent doesn't stretch so I knew I would be regretting not sizing up. He said if they end up loose, to add the half sole pads so your feet don't slide forward. I think I saw a used pair on eBay that went for about $300. Probably not what you paid, but I think it'll be worth it in the end. And they're still available at Saks.
  6. glad to know that patent leather doesn't stretch!!! NO WONDER!!!!

    damn---i will be sad to see these decollete's go =( I was excited to hear about the stretcher but to only find out it wont help =(
  7. You should probably try to sell them on eBay. I sized up a full size from my US size 7 and a half size from my usual CL size 37.5. I put a heel pad on the left side so that my foot wouldn't slip out and now they fit perfectly.
  8. damn when i bought my shoes i wasn't actively searching in this thread or the shoe section..im kind of mad i didn't!!! lol anyway, im gonna try to post my item on ebay later tonight since i dont have my camera on me right now...i hope it wont be too late for the holidays..not like anyone would want some used shoes as a gift? Lol....
  9. If they ebayer is anything like me they will be online shopping for themselves and not loved ones so I would definitely put them on ebay. :tup:
  10. LOL you sound like me =) yay will post them up on ebay...however when i go on the ebay thread........it seems like everyone has problems!!!! i sooooo dont wanna deal with that but hopefully the buyers are educated enough about CL's and what they are buying that hopefully i wont run into probs!!!
  11. Do you have any friends or relatives w/smaller feet than you have? If so, maybe you could sell the shoes to them for $300? I had a pair of black suede VPs that stretched out a lot so that they were too big for me. I wore them about 5 times. I sold them to my friend for $300.
  12. Agree with all these posts. Decolletes run very small, and I have never heard of anyone getting them true to size. I sized up one full size.
    Just sell them and get a new pair. If you had the correct size, you would absolutely love them.
    I originally didn't like Decolletes either, but that was because I used to only size up 1/2 a size, once I went 1 full size up, I realized that they are a dream to walk in.
  13. I :heart: decolletes .. for me they are my simple pumps since the simples themselves are just too plain for me. The cut of that shoe makes the foot look spectacular. Its truly a work of art and a staple CL.

    I had to size up a full size for my leather ones and would have probably needed to size up further if they were patent. With the proper sizing they can be quite comfortable as I have been able to wear them all day. I cannot imagine it working for anyone TTS unless your foot is extremely narrow. This is not a forgiving shoe.....

    I do hope you are able to get them replaced!
  14. meee too because these shoes are so sexy!! btw...what does "TTS" stand for? =)
  15. True To Size