Okay I am obsessed, thank you very much...:)

  1. Thanks fro posting the new color sna styles but I MUST.HAVE.THIS.BAG! I think in magenta and bublegum pink and I hope it comes in those colors!
  2. Wow! This is gorgeous, what is this style called???
  3. I love it and want one too!!!!
  4. Put me down on the list for this one as well!!! I :heart: It!!!!!
  5. :nuts: WOW! I like this blue~ Does it come in RH?
  6. that style is just cute
  7. Lovely shape but I would want it in a deeper / darker colour.
  8. It looks interesting, but I can see that it's going to be like the Giant Hobo is for me ... too thin to accommodate all my junk without looking overstuffed.
  9. I love this bag too! Looks like it could be a great everyday bag. Does anyone know when this style is available? I guess it is not out yet. My DH suggested that we go to BalNY this weekend for my Bday. But I don't want to go if there is nothing really new. Just got the NM LE 3 weeks ago and am waiting for the LE Magenta.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this style!
  10. This might be the replacement for the "purse"? The handles look long enough for a shoulder.. o:huh:h excited. I wonder when its coming out?
  11. I think they start delivering S/S '08 in January...anyone else know for sure?
  12. not sure about this style yet... but AM SOOOOOOO looking forward to the new 08 colors! esp the BBG and the magenta now too!
  13. I'm looking forward to the new colors too!!!
  14. This is gorgeous. Want it in the Sky Blue as seen here.
  15. I love it as well and like the sleek design of it.