Okay~ I am having trouble with this pregnancy...Advice needed please..scared...sorry.

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  1. History~ One child 3.0 years via c-section due to the fact that he was too big and would not fit. I miscarried last October baby #2. Now I am almost 27 weeks preggo with baby #3. I had early labor with #1 at 30 weeks and had to be medicated for the remainder of the time.

    I will literally have been pregnant for a year when this baby comes.

    I am having a lot of pain in my lower uterine (where the c-section is). I can barely walk (pain + waddle) and I still have 3 months left!:wtf:...I cannot do a lot of the things I did w/ baby #1.

    I have a medical condition in which I retain water already and I live in a VERY humid area. I cannot go outside unless in is early morning or late evening because of the swelling.

    My legs are bigger than my husbands. I am very concerned that when I go back in August (I work in a school)...I have no airconditioning, how my body is going to react.

    I go to see the DR. today but I was hoping some of you women (he is a man) has any advice?

    Should I purchase one of those belly supports? This baby is a LOT lower than my first. My first was straight out. This one is low.

    I am not a complainer, I can take a lot of pain but I am scared. I am scared that my uterus will not hold up...please help if you have any advice...I don't have anyone else to ask as none of my friends have ever had difficulties with their pregnancies. They have all been great:push:....

    Thank you for your friendship...

  2. I would definitely do the support-when I carried my first child years ago he was low and I wore a girdle-they didn't make those supports back then. I think it will make you more comfortable and worry less which is better for you and the baby. I had a friend who swelled also and the doctor was so strict on her salt she wasn't even allowed canned vegetables.
  3. Thank you for replying! I have one in my cart from babiesrus. I will order it now! Maybe that is all that I need for the belly pain.....Thank you:okay:
  4. Definitely buy a support. I used one through a majority of my pregnancy with my daughter...it was a real lifesaver!! Does your doctor know about your condition about retaining water? If not, I would let him know that way you can take a medical leave of absence when it is time to go back to work. Also, how is your diet? My mom also had a condition similar to this during her pregnancy with me and she was placed on bed rest and had a diet of basically...rice.
  5. oh good, you're getting a belly bra, I would suggest that for sure:yes:
    Could be round ligament pain or the scar tissue stretching, either is very uncomfortable.
    You said "go to school", are you a student or a teacher?
    Are you sure school is the best idea?

    The great news is you're 27 weeks and the baby is completely viable at this time! :yahoo:
    34 weeks is a great next milestone as the baby's lungs should be developed then.
    Are they seeing you pretty often since your history of PTL {preterm labor}?
    I know you know this, but take it SOO easy, pregnancy is really only for a short time. . . you don't want to have any regrets:nogood:

  6. Hi Lami~ Yes he does know. I have a chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately at my school I am the ONLY one with a medical disease and NO air conditioning:wtf:....go figure:cursing:. My diet is pretty good. I follow a renal patient diet..no salt/tea/coffee/alcohol etc... anything that keeps my kidneys from functioning as well as they can. I eat little meat and a LOT of carbs. Carbs are the best if you have kidney issues.

    My issue w/ medical leave...is the $$$. I only have 14 days paid leave to begin with. You know...I am going to call dissability today and see about short-term disability. Good idea to look into. Thank you!!!!

    I go to the DR. today at 1:30. I'll keep you posted....

  7. Hi swanky~ I am a speech-language pathologist and we start back on the 15th of Aug. :yes: I am due Oct 21st. Pre-term labor with my son at 30 weeks. I had to have the steroids injected to help his lungs develop early just in case. ;)

    I haven't seen my DR. in a while...I have all theses q's for him today....I appreciate everything you, LVmom and Lami have said. I am going to ask him about being in the non-airconditioning.

    :heart: and (hugs) thank you for helping me!

  8. I forgot to add I had preterm labor with my boys and delivered both at 36 weeks, I will probably deliver this little guy at 36 also. My other two are 18 and 11 now. I was hospitalized almost all of the way through with my oldest. Try not to stress too much. My boys were always the tallest boys in the class, and both have great builds-excellent muscle tone. And both have IQ's off the charts. Babys are strong and resiliant-moreso than we give them credit for. You take care and lots of hugs.
  9. my mom had 4 children including myself and all came early and all were healthy but her last pregnancy was very difficult. She developed a renal condition but couldn't take any medicine because it would compromise the baby. She had to go see her doc every week once she hit 29 weeks just to monitor her progress.

    Totally go ahead and get the belly support. My sister swears by it. Every little bit helps.

    I miscarried twice already so I totally understand your fear as I'm in the same boat myself. I don't think I could deal with another one :sad:

    Hugs to you Ghost and I hope you report back with great news :yes::heart:
  10. Hi Ghost

    I don't really have any advice for you but as a mom of 2 I understand your fears during pregnancy. How wonderful that you are getting all this caring advice from other tpfrs. I hope everything turns out fine for you and that you'll soon feel better and more confident.
  11. I don't have any advice so that's not much help but just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts and I'm hoping the best for you and your family. From what I gather, you've been through a whole lot... and for that you're a strong person and will come through fine!
  12. Ghost,

    Hang in there. I am a teacher too but luckily I have AC. If I didn't I would die for sure!

    Are you in a union? Can they do anything for you? Do you have a good relationship with your Administrator? Can your Dr. write a note expressing a need for AC?

    I had a lot of lower pain with baby #1 which made it hard to move and walk. Sine baby was low I also developed hemmoroids (YUCK!). I was such a mess. This baby is also wreaking havoc on my body. I developed Gestational Diabetes and have to check blood four times a day plus shoot insulin at night.

    Anyway, I am a total pessimist but this pregnancy has forced me to have to be positive and optimistic for my own sanity, health, and well-being. Pregnancy is such a scary time and there's so much to be paranoid about so you have to try and find a way to try and relax. You don't want to develop high blood pressure and preeclampsia so try to take it easy and pamper yourself. I know this is easier said than done, esp. with another kid, life, work....

    If you need to talk PM me any time. You're in my thoughts and hope your Dr. appt. helps!!!
  13. Hi Ghost, I just wanted to say you're doing great. The only thing I can think of regarding swelling is to cut down on salt and drink lots of water, try to rest with your feet elevated on pillows when you can, and enjoy your pregnancy. Baby is almost here. :flowers:
  14. Hang in there girl! How did your drs appt go?
  15. Thanks for all the well wishes...I spent a good part of today a total and complete wreck.

    The DR. said that my hip joints and pelvic floor are begining to become soft. Loosening. I asked how this effects the pregnancy and he said as long as I don't have contractions. I told him I have some...which is true but nothing like the consistency I had with my 1st son.

    Having stated this for the last hour I am having quite a few. I'll just have to keep a tab on them and drink more water.

    I asked him about the stomach support~ he stated it was a good idea and could help me.

    He also wrote me a Doctor's note that I am to NOT work with airconditiong.

    Better be off as I am monitoring the contractions right now...

    THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!!!:heart::heart:

    So~ That disscussion is going to go real well with my administrator.:rolleyes:

    He stated that w/ a second child it is common to be lower etc...

    I also asked him about VBAC and he stated my chances of having a vaginal birth vs. needing a c-section are 50%. He agreed to monitor the babies weight (via ultrasound) to better dtermine the size and if I can even have a vaginal birth.

    His method of c-section is that he will cut the same line that I already have.

    He stated that this c-section would be better than my first as I would not have been in active labor for 24 hours prior and my healing would be better.

    I don't reallly feel like I gained too much info but... at least I have a DR's note.