Okay, I am conflicted.

  1. I have had my eye on the jumbo flap in caviar. I'd already decided it would be my next bag. With the price increase, Im not so sure. My dh has me on a ban right now and since I was under the impression nothing would go up until Sept, I thought it was okay. WWYD? My mom actually offered to buy it and let me pay her, but I feel awkward doing that, even if it is a nice gesture. Any opinions? WWYD? I hate to say this, but I am wondering if Chanel is worth it.:shrugs: :confused1:
  2. I would only let my mum pay if it would not cause her any financial strain and then pay her back in monthly installments perhaps? I have a black Chanel classic flap in caviar and even though I have only worn it a handful of times I think THIS bag is worth it as it is classic, chic and keeps going up in price! Plus, if you get it now you will feel better knowing you saved some $£ before yet another price increase x
  3. If your Mom wants to buy it for you and let you pay her back then I say why not- it does depend on your comfort level/ relationship with your Mom though. Some people would probably feel it is a big deal to do this some not....
  4. As long as your mom can afford it, and doesn't mind.
    GO FOR IT!!
  5. Oh no, it wouldn't cause any financial strain on my mom and we are very close. I know she wouldn't have offered if she didn't want to.
  6. Borrow from your mom. It will cost more in the long run, if the prices increase.
  7. Keep us posted on what you do! I would borrow and just pay her back to save the extra $$$.
  8. I would be torn too plus my DH would gt mad,lol