Okay, hypothetical, of course....

  1. Say you had a Blueberry First you liked, but you have a strong desire for a brighter color. What would you go after? An 05 Magenta First or an S/S05' TEAL First? Keep in mind that I have the bordauex twiggy so I am not sure if I would be duplicating on the red/pink/burgendy side.

    TIA! ;)
  2. ok, for my point of view.
    if you don;t want anymore reds, go for the teal.
    BUT, my logics of colour is not separating reds, blues etc.
    but separating from BRIGHT COLOURS and DULL COLOURS and DARK COLOURS.
    so if you want something bright, go for magenta cause bordeaux is not a bright colour, it's more of a dark colour, as teal i think it's more a dull colour.
    maybe you should check also with your wardrobe collection?
  3. becca, go for magenta if you like. i don't think it's anything close to bordeaux at all. plus it will be a magenta first... so totally different.
  4. yeah MAGENTA! :wlae:
  5. AGREE !! I also would go for the magenta - it's such a GORGEOUS color. I also like the teal ... but I think that magenta is more attractive :yahoo: :nuts:
  6. Becca,
    I like the Teal. I think it would be a little more versatile...although your Bordeaux already fits that bill. Still, there is just something about the Teal.
  7. Hmmm.....what is a gal to do???
  8. Okay, how about this question? Which one is more difficult to find? Say that I bought one but wanted the other in the future?
  9. Right now, it seems like Magenta's are everywhere. I cannot say that I have seen Teal pop up with much frequency. But, you know how once one person puts a color up on ebay, then several sellers with the same color come out of the woodwork? Maybe that would happen with the Teal?
  10. becca, i think in the last few months we have seen a higher influx of magenta firsts and i think that was due to some that were found in the warehouse recently. so, i would say teal is more rare, but there are more shades that look similar to teal and only one magenta.
  11. OOh, that is a good point! This would be my "night" bag (dates with hubby). As much as I love the Blueberry, I think I would be happier with the Blueberry in a Twiggy or a larger style to carry during the day. Then again, fall is around the corner, and would I look silly going out wearing such a bright color? Eeks, frustration station!!!!
  12. I say teal. Magenta is bright and has very purply undertones (think Barney). I think the teal is a gorgeous color. Also, the leather on the teal bags is much better than magenta. I also think you'd be more comfortable carrying teal year round.
  13. The teal first is definitely more rare, and would have better leather... The color is a gorgeous dark turquoise & I won't call it dull at all... But if you want pretty & bright, magenta is the one! :P
  14. i vote for magenta..i think its too bright to be attributed with red/bordeaux etc.
  15. frombagstoriches.com has a magenta first that you can rent for $79 for 7 days ... might be worth a try if you want to test the color out. I did ... I LOVED IT!!! I thought about buying it but it had darkened handles and they wanted $925 for it ... and the First size is just too small for me. They also appear to have a Dolma green first (they call it "pea green" but it looks like the Dolma to me).