Okay...how do I get one?

  1. I want an Aqua City or Work.
    I would like to buy new, if at all possible.
    So....living in the mountains of NC where in the world am I going to get one? Diabro has no aqua. Neither does Styledrops.
    So what's the scoop? Must I buy another color just to make sure I get the real thing? Or must I wait like a vulture for one to pop up on eBay?
    There's got to be a better way, right?:shrugs:
  2. Hey, there are 2 on eBay right now from the same seller. THey are authentic, I am not the seller. It is becoming harder to find this color. Good luck. I hear your pain. I live in Eastern WA (by SPokane) there is NO shopping here (not real shopping, just lame stuff) thank God for the internet.
  3. Neimans and Barneys have the largest selections so I'd start calling them first. NM has the most flexible return policy (no time limit as long as the bag is still in new, saleable condition) and I believe Barneys' return policy is 30 days.

    The link Daffy posted above will be very helpful to you! Good luck!
  4. The ones on ebay are great because you can see pics of the bag you're getting. Unfortunately, her price is above retail. She has two bags and her pics really show the variations in the Aqua color.......one is more turquoise and the other has more green in it.

    You can also try BalNY. I sent an Aqua Work back last week.........it had more green to it and I'm looking for one like Turq.
  5. Call Balenciaga in New York. I ordered my aqua city through them. :smile:
  6. yep. call balenciaga in new york. they still had a few last week when i called. good luck!
  7. Thanks so much!
    I am such an internet buyer now that it never even occurred to me to just call! Sheesh!
    What is the going price? I thought the 2 on ebay were a little higher. Of course the colors I don't want on Diabro are even higher still!
  8. City is $1195 and the work is $1385. When I ordered from BalNY I didn't have to pay tax and shipping is free.
  9. Alternatively, u can check with aloha rag (with free shipping)....cheers
  10. ^As far as I know Aloha Rag didn't order anything in Aquamarine. :sad: That was my reply from them when I was looking to purchase an Aquamarine City.
  11. yes :yes:

    (to clarify: i'm agreeing with you, no aqua from Aloha)
  12. Hope you find your Aqua Work soon,Micamynx! Good luck!:yes:
  13. Good luck with your search, Micamynx! I'm sure that there are still Aqua Citys out there, and I hope you're able to get one soon...
  14. I did it!!!
    I called BNY this afternoon and my Aqua City is shipping today!
    I am soooooo excited!