okay, here's a watch challenge

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  1. I would like to buy an "it" watch (because I'm a slave to fashion and showing off) for under $500.00 (omg is it possible?) Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time at Nordstroms, Macy's & Bloomies - can't zero in on a winner.
  2. what about elini or philip stein teslar?
  3. No clue. My watch knowledge starts at about $5000.
  4. I don't know what you mean by an "it" watch, but try Michelle watches and Coach has some really cute watches too.
  5. ^^ I second that. Coach has some cute ones!
  6. i don't know any of these brands, except for coach, but we don't have that here in europe. but gucci watches start at $450. i'm not quite sure which models, but those two are below $500:

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  7. I mean an "eye catcher" - Thx for feedback.
  8. I definitely love Michelle watches because of the interchangeable bands, and Coach has some really cute bangle/bracelet watches where you can change the bezel. Can you tell I love accessorizing? ;)
  9. I have that Gucci bracelet watch in the pink face (the second pic), and never wear it anymore. It scratches very easily, had to send it off to Gucci to get refinished once, and it's also hard to tell the time. When people ask what time it is, I usually reply " it's around 2ish?". Oh well, I loved the watch at the time!
  10. i got my kenneth cole watch free from work (our department won a contest, i got to choose between it and a tiny black coach signature purse) and i adore it. it goes for only $95 on the website, too. it's modern and stylish without being bulky. maybe not what you're looking for, but maybe someone out there can use the info, lol.
  11. Amanda, can you tell me how to identify it (the one you love) on the website? Thx so much! I love KC to begin with.
  12. I always love finding really unexpected, unique-looking watches that not everyone else will have...I saw this (with red or black strap) on momastore.org for $95.00.



    Saw this at nordstrom.com...
    Burberry Ladies Pearl Heart Charm Watch for $450.00...

    Another Burberry for $395...

  13. The Burberry watches are very nice!