OKAY HERE GOES! You ask for it! HAT PIC~No Laughing!

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
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    Several threads back I posted a few pics of my completed sets. Each one has a hat....I know, I know, it is very RETRO ...but then again I'm retro (57 next birthday...and why I was reluctant to post this) I grew up in an era where you did not go to weddings or funderals without a HAT! That was the rule. I became fond of a few of my hats so as many of you have seen, I work them into my Coach Sets. Here is my completed amethyst set many of you have seen and THEN .....drum roll ..........ME in the HAT with the set! I switchup from the gray in my set to the black hat ... This hat is a little special. It was my son's favorate of all of mine thus, I wore it to his funeral...so it does have special meaning...and besides it matches this scarf better....

    Some asked if I really wore the hats in the set when I posted my sets......So you asked for pics...... and here is one ....So you see ....Yes I really do where them ....Here I was on my way out the door to ...yes of course ...Coach! Please don't say it is cute if you really don't think so...just say nothing LOL!! I'm a little emabrrased to post this but one tPF'er convinced me to post it and it took a week to work up the nerve.:sweatdrop:
    Zold_with_Hat_Amethyst forum.jpg Amethyst Set Take 3 003.jpg
  2. You are gorgeous. What a classy lady you are. Wear your hats proudly.
  3. :woohoo:Yay Im so happy you posted the pic!!! You look amazing, and I just love the hat - its such a stylish and pulled-together yet casual and fun look!
    And that amethyst set, :drool:. Next we need to see the parchment w/the Legacy stripe scarf - that is a stunning combination.
  4. You are a class act lady!!! Don't ever let anyone down you for loving your hats! I wear them too (not the same style as yours) but when I do I ALWAYS get compliments! I think more gal's would wear them, they just need the confidence!!!

    You look 57 years YOUNG to me!!!

  5. JUst so you all know donnalynn is responsible for me posting this...she even resized the pic for me LOL!!!
  6. Thanks for your kind words... I do have other styles, but these are my favorite "dress" hats I guess you could call them. I do get complements too when I wear them. But mostly people say " I love your hat, I wish I had the "nerve" too wear one" ...???? ... LOL!
  7. OMG....your whole outfit is AWESOME! That hat looks amazing on you, and with that scarf!!! How creative to put the scarf around such an awesome hat! Thanks so much for sharing, you look great!!!
  8. You look gorgeous and so classy. Thank you very much for sharing. You look very young for your age, I'm serious.
  9. BEAUTIFUL!:yes:
  10. You look absolutely beautiful! You're very stylish and proud and I may think of digging out my black wool Tilley hat and dress it up to go. For me, I tend to wear hats during the hot summer weather when the humidity is stifling and it provides a nice escape from the blazing sun. Also, as I am getting older I want to minimize skin damage while enjoying the outdoors more confidently.

    I love my hats but I should start thinking of dressing them up with some of my new scarves.

    Thank you very much for sharing. I think you're starting a new trend.
  11. very beautiful!! you look great!
  12. :tup:You look fabulous!!!!
  13. You look amazing - and you wear your hat well. I think many people don't wear hats because they don't wear them well, but you look gorgeous, and way younger than your age!!!
  14. I got so excited to see you posted a pic!! I really wanted to see you in one of your sets. You look amazing in that hat and now I want the bag!
    Never let your age stop you from doing anything. My motto is "You're only as old as you let yourself feel" and lady...the way you look, age is not affecting you much. You're beautiful!
  15. You look beautiful! If you hadn't said your age, I would have never guessed!! I swear, you look like my mother when she was younger (maybe we're related LOL )! I wish I could wear hats, but they just don't look right on me, and believe me..I've tried! I love your hats and your bags...keep showing us your pics! :tup: