Okay.. Help me??! What bag should I get??! I got a 40% coupon I need to use asap

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  1. Hi! Well I got in a big argument with Coach over the condition of a bag that I only had for two years. They gave me a 40% coupon because they were unable to repair it. NOW... I have to make a choice on what bag to choose. I'm excited because I haven't had the money to buy from the boutique so now its my chance..so help me ladies and gents too

    Here is what I narrowed it down to: :heart:

    I KNOW I didn't narrow it down to much.....but I'm so up in arms with what to get..

    the green is growing on me....I'm an earthy girl...

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  2. I just recd in the mail today (and i know its not one of your choices posted here.) the Coach Madison bag. I think it is style 13252. In the same color as your pic of 2nd bag from left. Its very spacious and oh so handy. I think it retails for 400.00. I love it. Havent even put all my stuff in it.
  3. Steel Julianne would get my vote (I know it's not on your list).
  4. ooo that madison is nice...
  5. soo...no green op art penelope??! I was leaning toward that..not sure, I'm going this weekend to actually look at the bags to see my pic.
  6. I like the fourth bag, but with the color of the first bag.
  7. I like No. 1 and No. 4. I like those the best and they look good in any season.
  8. I actually like the green op art penelope, but in the brown color you posted...the brown op art in penelope IRL is AWESOME...and I'm not a fan of the op art generally speaking.

    Of course...there's also the super super awesome Madison SILVER shoulder bag...I've never felt anything like it before
  9. wow everyone i think is "mad" about madison
  10. thanks all...still not sure..I'll let you know I just love the color green...so im tossed up
  11. Um... I'm thinking maybe a julianne. but if you really feel like you want the green op art, then I say go for it!
  12. I vote for #1. I love that new light khaki.
  13. That op art is the ONLY op art I like in any Coach line! I really like it on the Juliannes and the Sabrinas in ALL the colors...the brown, black AND khaki (and that's weird, ask anybody on the Leesburg thread, I don't like Sig AT ALL!). So, my votes are for bag 1, bag 2 or the Madison bag. :smile: Hope that helps!
  14. I like the green heritage stripe domed satchel! It's not on your list, but it's cute. Also the outlet has almost the same shade of green on their gallery totes.