Okay, Help me out here girlfriends! Need HONEST opinions!

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  1. Here is my first Salvatore Ferragamo bag; I just received it today. I think it is beautiful but wonder if it is worth the money. Also, I am wondering if it looks like any ordinary bag that can be picked up at JC Pennys. I paid almost $800 on sale. I need brutally honest opinions. Does this look like an old lady purse?

    TIA!!! :smile:

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  2. whoa pricey. I don't think it looks like granny's bag though. i like it. it's clean and classic.
  3. Pricey (as salvatore usually is); not a granny bag though. Very clean lines, looks like good space, leather appears soft, not too much hardware... I like. $600 - $700 like. Not $800 like. I don't particularly care for the interior, but that's about it.

  4. it's obvious it's not a jcpenney bag, but i don't see it as an $800 bag. the leather looks soft, the hardware is stylish and understated, the color is gorgeous, and the lines are clean. i'm super-duper picky when it comes to bags, though.

    that said, this is your bag and you're going to carry it. so take our opinions with a huge pile of salt!;)
  5. side note but I just got my first ferragamo bag as well! I'm not a fan of the white, nor the price tag, but if you love it go for it!
  6. I would absolutely adore it in brown/black.
  7. for 800 bucks i'm sorry to say I"m just not impressed
  8. I own (and love) three Ferragamo handbags. They were well worth the money (full price). And I personally don't think any of the bags in their line look like "old lady" bags. Ferragamo actually has a LOT of fans on tPF. That said, I think this bag that you bought is kind of so-so. If you are already having second thoughts, you might want to consider returning it...
  9. I have seen other Ferragamo bags I've liked better, as far as the price, I think that is what you pay for Ferragamo.
    I definitely don't see it looking cheap or old lady-ish though.
  10. O.K. here goes my brutally honest opinion........I'm just not liking this bag. To me it does look old lady to me. I think your way too hip for this bag. Oh gosh, dont hate me!
  11. I don't like it also. For $800 you could get a more stylish bag.
  12. gasp!!! it's beautiful!!! Why are you having second thought? I don't think it looks like a typical bag from JC penney.
  13. OMG, are you kidding me? It's breathtaking. No way is that bag "old lady". It's beautiful and refined. That leather is TDF.
  14. I asked Hubby as he walked through. He said Yes, old lady through and through. I don't know if I agree 100% but white is just a plain no for me. Too much trouble with transfer stains. Truthfull it is sorta "nothing" bag to me. No WOW factor. But it depends on your style. You do what you think is right.
  15. I like it. What is the quality like? The leather? It looks like it would be soft. When I think of cheap bags (no offense to anyone as I have some myself :P ) I think of pleather with easily torn seams.

    :back2topic: .......I like the bag :yes: