Okay~ Having problems w/ hourglass using paypal?

  1. What is this? I have three items showing an hourglass "payment pending through paypal" however I check my paypal account and there is no record of pending payments? Anyone else come across this? I have NEVER had this happen before. Usually when it is pending payment the transaction is listed under paypal and shown as "pending". What is happening? I tried calling paypal, but they are not open.:cursing:
  2. Wish I could help- but I don't have any payments pending right now. I have 1 item I need payment on but that's another story. Weird- good luck with paypal and let us know what happens-
  3. You get an hourglass when someone pays by e-check-if you click on your auction, it lists all the specifics, and it should say something like-"the buyer has paid using e-check-they usually clear in 4-7 days-DO NOT send mdse until hourglass turns into dollar sign." Three people have paid me this way, I have never found a place where I could say "no e-checks"...that has been my experience with the hourglass-hope this helps!
  4. I ever sent PayPal to France seller and shown that hourglass for 2-3 days. I asked PayPal and they told me that seller has to confirm the payment I sent her. May it cause by she's in Euro?
  5. I have seen that happen when the buyer provides an address that is not verified by Paypal. Then when you go to Paypal it will ask you to choose, accept or deny. You can deny payments if you don't want to send to an unverified address. If you don't have those options in Paypal it is probably an e-check waiting to clear.
  6. Thanks for your responses guys! I just got off the phone w/ paypal. They told me I had to send e-mails to all my buyers and instruct them to cancel payment and then resubmit it again:cursing: . They then tried to insinuate that it may be due past e-mail address of mine...no way I have had this cutrrent one since August 2006. And I have sold over $3,000 since w/ no problem. I told her it was paypal's responsibility to contact said buyers as I pay them for their service and the fault lay with them as the common dominator between the seller and buyer.
    Needless to say as usual paypal does NOT accept responsibility:cursing:
  7. Yep - I've had an hourglass before, and I had to log into my email account linked with paypal to 'accept' the payment. This happened when I first accepted credit card payments to my account. I no longer have to do this - the only time I get the hourglass now is for Echecks.
  8. Talked w/ paypal again...they sent the payment to the wrong address. For some reason it went to my OLD (7 month old) e-mail address. I have NO idea why as the accurate one is depicted at eBay and paypal and how it ended going to an old address:confused1: weird...and drama ...