Okay guys - need your help!!!! :)

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  1. I can get the Wheat zc on sale (and I actually really like the color). Peanut has a bit too much orange to it for me (and if you have it please let me know if that is not true and it is a real brown).

    The debate: should I get the wheat zc for 40% off OR pay full price for a different color? The bottom line is that I just ADORE the zip clutch...it's the best wallet!!!

    I prefer silver hardware and the LA boutique MAY have some colors left....

    Is it better to pay less and like the wallet color a little less (but still like it okay) or pay about $170 more for a color I really really love?

  2. I would say it depends on what you can afford! If money is no option get the zc in a color that you really, really want or settle and get a sale one!! Good luck!!
  3. I think it's really about how much less you like the color. Since you said you said you really like the color, I'd say go for. Save yourself the $170...40% off is a dam good deal. I'd get it in any color I could for that price.

    It's really that the zc is a great in any color!! :yahoo:
  4. I have the peanut - it's not really orangey it's tan.... but I can see what you mean. If you don't love the colors available I'd wait. Maybe call some more stores too - there could be other colors?
  5. That's a tough one Dawn. I always think you should go for what you really want and not settle. I've settled before when it come to sales and have somewhat regretted my decisions. Sale prices are so hard to resist!!!

    You might also want to wait just a little longer and see what other sales pop up. I know Neiman told me they have a designer sale starting at the beginning of December. Eluxury placed several colors of the ZC on sale last year.

    Of course, the wheat is a very pretty color...:graucho:
  6. Thanks for the input on the Peanut - do you have any pictures of it that you took yourself? The swatches online always look a bit off to me. I've tried SOOOOO MANY stores and can only find the wheat or peanut. The wheat looks like a soft light brown/taupe which I like. And then seeing Jennifer Garner with her light zc (in the celebrity thread) made me think 'hmm. Maybe a light one isn't so bad!'
  7. lol, you are SO BAD! I should watch my spending since we're going on vacation next month. Do you have any IRL pictures of the Wheat? Possibly compared to another color? I know, I know...I'm demanding! haha.
  8. ^^^ I know what you mean. I originally wanted a darker one & silver hardware but the peanut is working really well for me - goes with everything pretty much - even though it's always in something anyway - hence me not caring so much about color. I don't have pix but I can take a couple later tonight for you.
  9. i always advocate getting what you love not what's on sale. sure, you could get a zc for a great price through the Nordstrom sale, but does that mean you're going to stop wanting the zc in silver hardware? if you're anything like me then no! i just can't settle. i think you should save the money you would be putting towards the discounted wheat zc and use it for the nickel hardware zc instead. it sounds like that's what you really want.
  10. ^^hmmm, let me see if I can dig one up.

    In the meantime, did you see this pic of the ZC in Peanut?

  11. ^^^ I think that picture is very accurate to the IRL color.
  12. You know that song "Caught Up" by Usher? That's sort of how I'm feeling. CAUGHT UP in sale frenzy fever and feeling like I MUST HAVE IT. I need to take a step back. I'll try calling the LA MJ Store tonight after work to see what they have, and I'll go from there.

    *deep breaths*

    Thanks again everyone!!!!
  13. It's very easy to get caught up in sale frenzy! take your time & get something you won't regret.
  14. Seems like they have emptied the stock of zcs with silver hardware. I talked to Bruce in LA who said they had an employee sale; all the stock was sent to the NY store and the employees could order it online. I also called NY and he said they only showed gold hardware seasons in the warehouse.

  15. I think it depends on how you are going to use the ZC. Are using it as a clutch or wallet? As a clutch you may want to wait for a specific color. As a wallet, the color may not matter as much, so you may want to get one on sale.