Okay guys, I think I'm back...and oh how I'm missed you!

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  1. After a brief stint in Chanel and *almost* Hermes, I think I'm coming back to LV! I've sold off almost ALL of my LV collection to fund 4 Chanels, and I'm missing it badly now. I became infatuated with Chanel, but I think I'm realizing that LV is more me! Plus, I just cannot keep up with the price increases! And I was this close to spending over $1100 on an Hermes wallet! (which I still kind of want, lol!) :sad:
    In the past few months, I've sold a Neverfull, a Cerises Speedy 25, Black MC Petit Noe, SO Damier Cabas Mezzo, SO Damier Cabas Piano, Mini Lin Speedy, Chelsea, Beverly MM, Tivoli GM, black MC Wapity, black MC Alexandra wallet, and I'm sure they are more I'm forgetting...Holy Lord! And I want them all back now! The question is, where do I start? I also really want the Monty PM and Tivoli PM. I think I want to start with either the Cerises Speedy or Black MC Petit Noe...what do you guys think?

    off topic...5000th post! woohoo!

    p.s. yes, I'm stupid. In my excitement I typed "I'm missed you" instead of I've.:shame:
  2. lol..you're funny! welcome back:smile: congrats on your many posts and I see many more to come ;)
  3. YEA, I love the # 5000.:yes:
  4. p.s. Y'ALL ROCK!!!

    by far my favorite subforum! great people, great fun, great bags!
  5. Wow that's a pretty wild ride! I recognize your screen name and didn't realize you jumped ship for chanel, I also wasn't posting so often either for the past several months. So now the plan is to sell those chanel bags and get your LV collection back? I would go for the black mc to answer your question. I just got a preowned black mc alma and I'm so in love with it, it is such a cheerful bag.
  6. wow, that's a lot of bags that you've sold. well, welcome back. =)
  7. Is that you in your avatar? If it is, girl you better not lose anymore weight or you'll disappear!
  8. Does that hermes wallet come w/ a diamond on it? That is steeeeeep for a wallet! Where can we see your current collection, I want to see these chanel bags you sold your LV for! Please with a cerise on top, I got to check these out!
  9. WELCOME BACK. Clearly you are a very experienced LV shopper. I think I would get the cerises back. It's so cute and you can still find used ones out there in very good condition.
  10. :wtf: That is a long list of LV bags to reacquire! Good Luck!

    I too would love to see your Chanel purchases and the $1000 Hermes wallet you've been lusting after...I personally love the Bearn, but it's just not in my price range at the moment.


    Ooh and Welcome Back!! :heart:
  11. Welcome back!
  12. Welcome back, kimalee!! I dibbled and dabbled in trying to switch also, but haven't bought anything else yet. I am still going to buy a few Chanels (3 classic flaps only). And I :heart: Hermes now. I've been officially bitten by the H-bug. But I will always, always, always love LV! My favorite subforums are LV and Hermes.
  13. Oh sweet little kimalee:heart: ... I know you'd be back! Yay ... let the shopping begin!:yahoo:
  14. Welcome Back!!! :flowers: I think I would start with the Monty PM...at least that's the bag I'm obsessing over at the moment! :flowers:
  15. welcome back.....lets start SHOPPING..:yahoo: