okay girls, what do you think?

  1. I don't want to seem mean. But the bag looks like it's been used and abused. Looks like she used it everyday for 8 months. I think $100 is too much and I see that it is at $102 and reserve has not been met. Some ladies here on tpf were getting brand new ones at the outlets for under $200.
  2. Sure, I would bid. :yes: I would not go much more than low $200's like maybe $200-$215 because you could get them new at the outlets for that a couple of months ago. Although now, IF you can still find one they are $240 but since this one has been used that would be what I would do. Gotta' love the black Ali though.. Good Luck!!! :tup:
  3. I think it's just not the best picture.. she just laid it flat on the ground and didn't prop it up or put anything in it.. they can look like that if you do nothing with them. :okay:
  4. I would not go above $200 because so many of us were able to get ours at the outlets for about 240.00 and it is also used. Good luck! Let us know what happens!
  5. I would bid up to $175...if you look at the flap with the turnlock, the leather looks very creased and worn.
  6. I would skip it and buy a new one at the outlets if you can find one. GOOD LUcK!
  7. I would bid on it, but don't pay too much for it! I think that the Ali can photograph bad when it's laying flat like this. It may look really good.
  8. I wouldn't bid over $150 especially since you say be back doesn't look that good either.
  9. personally, i'd say don't do it.
    like the other girls said, you could get them at outlets for around $200.
    it kindof bothers me that its at $102 and reserve still isn't met?
    what kind of money is she expecting for an obviously used bag?? :confused1:
  10. I think you should get it for like $150, It retailed for $500 dollars so I think that would be a good deal plus black leather Ali does photograph poorly as someone else mentioned and if you don't like the condition it is in then see if you can return it. Plus these aren't available in the outlets anymore.

  11. holy WOW. :wtf:
    i did not realize they retailed for $500!
    i guess i only pay attention to the price when i LOVE the bag.
    ali is too small for me, so i guess i didn't pay attention.

    everyone is saying it photographs badly when laying, so maybe thats the problem?

    with all of the new info, i'd say $175ish.
    but its all up to you. pick a number you don't want to go above and STICK TO IT! :yes:
  12. Yeah it is just what you are comfortable with. They did retail for $500 but it looks like it has an outlet stamp so she obviously paid less and has used it. With that in mind though no outlets that I know of have them available anymore and they were only available for the $215 + tax before Christmas when they were doing the add'l 10% off. So now if you find out at the outlets they will be $239 + tax. :yes:
  13. I just don't think her pictures do the bag justice. The interior looks really clean--no pen marks or stains--and laying the bag flat is a bad idea. I know it's tough because some of us got these bags at the outlets but that was a very brief time and you can't really find them now...my outlet had a lot of them and they are all long gone, so don't try to use that as too much of a measurement. sure==within reason--but it depends on how much you want the bag.

    Did she say what the reserve is set at?
  14. 10 minutes left!
    only go as high as you want!
    ask her what the reserve is. maybe she'll tell you?

    good luck! :tup: