Okay girls! Should I bid or save my money?

  1. It's a cute bag. Looks like it has a "reserve" value put in so we really don't know how much it needs to go for. I am not a supporter of buying expensive stuff from eBay since I was duped. Please verify it's authenticity before hand over your hard earn money.

    As for me, I'd rather doing my expensive purse purchase via the boutiques. :smile:
  2. Oh its so cute! But have you wanted this for more than a day or so? I say if it has been apart of your everyday thinking for a little while, why not? It would be really be a cute additon to your collection:smile:
  3. The reserve was $289.00, so the owner says. Looks like it's been met.
  4. that's such a cute bag
  5. If you bid and win it, you could always resell it on eBay if you decide that it's not for you. Go for it :nuts: It's cute!
  6. it looks too pink for my liking. but it's not a bad price...
  7. I would wait until the last half hour. If you're still obsessing over it, I'd bid.
  8. hehehehehee! Okay, if I'm GIGGLING INANELY, it's probably a good thing to bid.
  9. i use the half-an-hour rule as well, usually my obsession will crack when crunch time comes, so if you're at the 30-minute mark and still giggling, go for it! it's adorable and not particularly expensive.
  10. i say save your money for something you absolutely can't live without, or save your money for a rainy day.
  11. 5 hours. 50 minutes.
  12. Looks like it's met the reserve. I don't really care for the pink on this - but this frame style is too cute!
  13. Yeah, I'm not usually a fan of that bubble-gum pink. But this is my exception. Its so cute I just want to pick it up and squeeeeze it! :nuts: I shall name her BinkyBoo.
  14. It's very cute! I echo the sentiments of other people, that you should make sure that it is authentic. Let us know what you decide, and good luck!
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