Okay girls please help a lost girl entertaining thoughts of chanel (a bit long)

  1. Hi everyone!

    Here's the thing... I am looking to get myself a nice bag, a bit on the more higher priced ranged than my usual which is upto $800 so far. I was initially looking at an LV Multicolore shirley in black which is $840 and then entertained thoughts of an MC eliza which is $935. Now though, I am also considering thoughts of a MC Lodge PM which is $1,320. And I'm like, "holy cow, my target price seems to increase per day!" At this point I thought i might as well also consider getting my first chanel as i've seen lots of chic girls carrying them too. :push: hehe! Anyhow, I am getting it on march when I go on a shopping trip to hongkong so I have time to drive myself up the wall and make my final decision. Any suggestions? Not too expensive though! maybe around $1500 max like maybe the cambon ligne line? what do you think? all suggestions are very much appreciated.;) TIA!

    by the way, I am a complete dufus when it comes to chanel so some pics along with the suggestion would be lovely. :sweatdrop: If not, as i know it could be a hassle, a straight out text suggestion is okay too.:shame: Thanks again!
  2. Maybe check out the chanel ref section to get ideas. There is a lot of good info in there.
  3. okay thank you!
  4. For under $1500 you can get an East/West classic flap pochette and most Cambon items. If you dare to increase it by $100, you can get a medium Caviar classic flap which is $1595 + tax, the Ultimate softs, lots of choices!.
  5. oohh... i am going nuts at the prospect of getting the medium classic flap!

    btw, is chanel good-priced in hongkong?