Okay Girls! Need your help!

  1. I'm thinking I need to buy my first Spy bag....any recommendations in colors, etc.? Best place to buy one?

  2. chocolate ...black .. metallic ...
  3. If you want to play it safe, go for black or chocolate! If you don't, I'd recomment locating Fortuny/Hologram spy!!!:graucho:
  4. I had a hard time deciding on a color too but in the end I wound up getting a chocolate Spy. I have no regrets. It is gorgeous! I recommend the Fendi store at Americana Manhasset in Manhasset, NY. They usually have a great selection and the SA I deal with is a doll. Her name is Kim. The telephone number is (516) 627-1900. You can tell her you are a friend of Kathleen's. Let us know which one you decide to get.
  5. Donna, there's both black and brown at my NM.
  6. I have to say get the denim striped spy or the corded/pleated spy. They are beautiful. And more unique!
  7. Oh Donna!!! I agree with what everyone said. But SPYS should come with a warning! It is incredibly hard to stop at one! I started to list them, but they are all so gorgeous! There are so many different kinds to suit everyone's whims and desires! :yes:

    MY SPY MUST-HAVE LIST (In no particular order)
    1. Corded Pleated Spy in Red
    2. Wisteria Spy in Honey (I also want one in white)
    3. Regular Spy in Petrol and Green
    4. Regular Spy in Chocolate Brown
    5. Hologram Spy
    6. Metallic Spy (Gold Handles, Silvery leather)
    7. If money grew on trees, crackled suede Spy!
    8. And if more money grew on trees, Squirrel Spy! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Ok... I'm sounding sick.

    As far as where to purchase, I would recommend the Fendi Boutique, Saks or NM due to customer service and warranty. Though I have heard some people having a hard time at the Fendi Boutiques if they were not the original purchasers. Hope this helps!!! And Enjoy!!
  8. Donna, I recommend waiting for one of the more rare spies to come up... hologram, metallic, petrol, and green are my favorite spies. I :heart: those.
  9. ^I ditto pewter! Also wait and see what are going to be new colors for S/S 07. We're all waiting anxiously to find out!