Okay girls, is anyone having 2nd thoughts about the Limited Magenta City?

  1. Anyone having 2nd thoughts about their reservation for the limited Magenta City? Our credit cards will be charged on the 17th.

    That was my holy grail bag. But ya know what? I'm not so sure I really MUST have it now.

    Is it just me?
  2. Nope. I am too. I want either a violet or an apple green first.
  3. i myself am feeling little nervous too. it was a total impulse decision (the fact that it's limited!) but since i've never seen the color IRL i'm not so sure if i really want it.

    i figured if i don't love it i could always sell since the demand will be high, but considering that they still have so many left i now don't know if that's a good idea.

    but as ICB mentioned on the other thread, i suppose not many know about this and after the trunk show there will be more demands.

    should i take the chance? i don't want to be stuck with something i don't love or lose money off of it. oh decisions decisions...

    btw, i thought they will charge on the 16th (not the 17th?)
  4. SO glad I am not alone in this. I'm afraid if I cancel my order I will definitely regret it, so I wont. I guess I can eBay it if I decide I really dont want it.

    Kim told me it would be charged on the 17th after the Trunk show is over, but who knows.

    I had a Magenta Purse last year and I LOVE Magenta...

    soooo confused!:nuts:
  5. All you magenta LE people have a tough decision to make....especially after seeing karenab's f/w pictures! I have an 05 magenta city and I've found that it is a surprisingly VERSATILE color. I mean, I'm wearing a brown houndstooth coat today and somehow, it looks awesome with my magenta bag! It is so beautiful and I'm so glad I have it!
  6. Hi ladies, I have a magenta Purse and absolutely adore it. IMO you should wait til you get the bag and see if it fits you/your wardrobe. To me it's a very versatile color - good with browns, blues, red (believe it or not). Don't pass up your opportunity on a HOT color! You could always sell it on eBay. :yes:
  7. :sweatdrop: I am totally having second thoughts; especially after seeing all the great colors coming out in the fall. Eeks, I better make up my mind soon!!
  8. I have no regrets, I miss my Magenta first since I sold it, that was a really dumb thing to do:cursing: I only wish I didn't have to wait until August to receive it,that's months away! It would have been better if they only took half the amount of money on the 16th rather than the whole payment.
  9. I had second thought for about 2 seconds, then realized "when else could we get the magenta and what would we be paying for it on eBay?" That pretty much quelched any doubt. It is a lot of money for a bag unseen, it's perfectly natural to have some doubts.
  10. You're not the only one! I'm calling my SA today to cancel my Magenta with RH.
  11. no regrets here, i have been yearning for a magenta city and see this as a great way to get one at retail instead of paying hugely inflated prices! I will still be getting stuff in the fall as well!
  12. Absolutely no regrets. I've loved Magenta since the moment i saw pictures of it but i'm not willing to pay over retail for even a 'slightly' used bag on eBay. This was my perfect chance, and i'm sooo happy. I just wish i didn't have to wait until August! I ordered it with gold GH :yes:
  13. I completely understand your second thoughts, especially if you want to buy other F/W 07 bags too. It is a shame these became available at the same time a new collection came out.
    But I have to say, I had a Magenta Box that was used with some darkened handles and other signs of wear, when I saw a beautiful City listed on ebay in brand new condition. I went for it even though I like the Box style better than City, and I got it at an incredible price. Well, there have been only two other bags that I have had the same reaction to when they arrived, my BG Pink City, and my 05 Turq Twiggy. The leather and color are absolutely stunning when new!!!! I even had a Eggplant City that arrived the same day, and I could not pay any attention to it, or get excited about it because I was sooo blown away by the Magenta bag! I love it so much I was even contemplating buying another just to store it until mine wore out. If they had released the Box style or even the First I would have been all over it. IMHO though I think the color is so striking, it will look best with the understated regular hardware, but that is just my personal opinion. I honestly think most of you will be thrilled you got it! Maybe these will help you decide.....


    And for you contemplating the GH with it...

    As you can see it even stands out in a crowd!....



  14. As always, I LOVE your COllection Deanna!!! Good advice.
  15. i love magenta...i already have the day, but if there was a LE magenta first, i would be so down for that. a brand new magenta city is tempting though, but with f/w 07 colors coming soon, i'm trying to save my pennies...:sweatdrop:

    i agree, give magenta a chance...it's a strikingly beautiful color. :nuts: