OKAY Girls... HELP me pick my next bag.

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Which bag to buy now

  1. Sabrina in Teal... some way some how

  2. Sabrina in Black... Brass HW or maybe SW

  3. Sabrina in Espresso

  4. Julianne in Magenta

  5. Julianne in Teal

  6. Julianne in Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. HI GIRLS,
    I sold one of my bags and now have some $$$ to burn (lol)
    I am wanting a Large Sabrina or the Julianne, thats going to be a tough one.
    I am wanting the Teal, Black , or wait on Gray in the Sabrina... thought about espresso as well.
    Julianne I would want a Black, Magenta or Teal.
    My first :heart: would be the Sabrina in Teal..I know that the Teal is all gone so that may be out of reach :crybaby: There are a few on *bay but wow they are going high and I only have 400 plus a little to spend.
    Can you girls help me out? Help me pick a Gorgeous bag so I can stop this cash from burning my hand so bad :roflmfao:
  2. have you loked at cherry sabrina?
  3. I would either hunt for a large sabrina in teal or else get a julianne in teal... might as well spend the $ on something you really want, even if you have to pay a little extra more... its always worth it in the long wrong! I myself would choose the teal color as well! :tup: Good Luck deciding!

  4. HI, YES but all the ones I seen were very dull, not a bright Red. Maybe the ones I seen were bad dye jobs :shrugs:
  5. Espresso! It's gorgeous and so is the pink lining! I'm thinking of that one myself!
  6. I have an espresso julianne and it is a great bag. I really wanted a magenta but it just didn't work out. Love the sabrina too though, not sure if I'm a lot of help.
  7. I am a little biased...I voted for the magenta Julianne...it's such an awesome color and I love the shape of the bag so much! Good luck deciding...I absolutely LOVE all of the possible choices, so you'll do great no matter what!
  8. My first inclination was to vote for the Magenta Julianne only because I want it so bad :P but then I saw that the OPs first choice is a teal Sabrina and since they are hard to find I went with the teal Julianne...all of the six choices are great bags so it's a win win win win win win situation ;)
  9. That's tough. I love the Sabrina in teal and espresso
  10. Sabrina in Espressso get my vote. Im not crazy about the sabrina but love the espresso color. Good Luck!
  11. I vote for the magenta Julianne too.
    LAltiero85, We're bag twins. I just started using my magenta Julianne and I love her.
  12. I haven't voted yet. How do you plan to use the bag?
  13. I'm with LA! Magenta Jilianne ALL THE WAY!!!
    She's on my wishlist...along with winning powerball!!! LOL
  14. espresso sabrina is gorgeous! i would choose that or the black brass sabrina, depending on your wardrobe. good luck!
  15. I tried on the large Sabrina in cherry and it's really beautiful! I just wish the Julianne would come in cherry since I like the style better.