Okay girls...help me out here...

  1. Ooo!! I like that idea! It will bring out the tattersall patch, which is actually my fave patch on the bag!!! I'd say go for it!!!
  2. ITA! I think it would be really cute!
  3. Cute!
  4. Like pp mentioned there's a patch on the bad I think the scarf will look really cute on the bag.
  5. To be totally honest, I think that that particular bag has a lot going on. I wouldn't put that scarf on it because I really think it would be overkill. That said, I am pretty conservative and don't like stuff to be too loud. If YOU like it, then go for it.
  6. See that's what I was thinking too. I don't wanna over do it with something the bag doesn't really need (if that makes any sense)
  7. I think that you should post pics of it both ways and then we can vote on it. Cute bag and scarf
  8. I completely agree!
  9. My thoughts exactly.:yes:
  10. I agree with Biggestbaglover, the Tote is "busy" enough that it probably doesn't need a scarf that is also "busy". You can opt for a solid or tonal sig ponytail scarf instead or a keyfob/charm? I'm sure whatever you decide will turn out great! Post pics when you make your decision!
  11. That is such a beautiful bag, I would hate to see anything detract from it. My personal opinion is that the bag doesn't really need anything. If you feel that you really want to put a scarf on it, I would also go with a solid one. Do what makes you happy!!!:smile:
  12. :yes: ITA :yes:

  13. ITA with you! I think the patchwork is enough going on, sorry!
  14. I love the combo of the two prints , I think it will look really cute