Okay girls (and guys), HELP ME FIND THIS BAG!

  1. I want a Perfo pochette in Fuschia!

    First of all, pros & cons? Is the stuff in your bag really that noticeable through the holes?

    Second, if anyone finds good deals on eBay, can you please pm me? I'm still not justifying $540+tax. I can so get a bigger bag for that price. Opinion?

  2. I am not a fan of perforated bags. I don't really think you can see whats inside but can't justify the expense either. But, its a limited edition! If you end up with one please post pic's so we can share in your happiness!
  3. I love the perfo stuff but agree with the price, though am thinking about the even pricier and smaller Vernis Lexington! I do love the pop of color and the limited edition deal. Pochette cles are like a trademark of mine, I always have one, (accessory pochettes come in at a close second) so I'm going to get a perfo cles, I'm between the orange and the green just because those are my fav. colors. I do think it's an awesome bag and you just don't see it everywhere....
  4. Will Pm you when I see the great deal...I know Eluxury still have some..
  5. Yeah I saw on Eluxury. I was hoping to pay about $450ish.
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