okay, gals, i've gotta silly YSL muse question

  1. don't laugh at me, but is it possible for the muse to get lighter with age over time (?) :shrugs:...i don't even know if my question makes sense, but i'm worried that my new baby's too heavy for me (i've got the medium size & i'm only 5'2 & petite) :sad:...i've noticed that this bag gets softer & smooshier with age (which is really cool)...but do you think after losing some of it's structure, that the bag could actually weigh less, or is that a physical impossibility (?)...i'm guessing it's impossible, but i wanna explore all my options before returning her :girlsigh:
  2. Hmmm, I don't think so. Even if the bag gets smooshier from basic wear, it's not really going to get lighter. I think it's possible to get used to the weight over time (I'm an avid heavy bag carrier. My bbag feels just as heavy as my YSL or my Paddy), but not the bag actually get lighter.
  3. The muse will soften up in time but I don't think it's going to get lighter.

    It's really funny that I keep on hearing that the muse is heavy. I guess after lugging my paddy around for awhile any bag is light in comparison LOL!
  4. pretty sure it wont get lighter.. you might want to trade for a lighter bag :S or.. put less in it? hahaha.. i dunno.. :P
  5. Is it really that heavy? I've gotten the medium anthracite, but haven't used it yet, being it's summer and all. Hope I didn't make a mistake...
  6. awe, don't worry susan, i'm a lightweight & after getting so used to my feather-like b-bags, everything's heavy to me now :girlsigh:...compared to an MJ or chloe paddy, the YSL is super light!!!...but i'm afraid she's still not light enough for little 'ole me :sad:

    p.s. thanks so much for all your comments gals!!!