Okay gals, help me pick an inexpensive bag

  1. I am on the hunt for a green bag for spring. I can not spend more than $200. Pictured are a few I am considering. I want something a little edgy; does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look or what Designer/brand to look at?

    Are any of these bags cute? Again, I am a mom of 2 under the age of 5 so "edgy" to me is different, I know.

    Thank you!!
    coach.jpg kors.jpg banana.jpg
  2. i think the first one's cute.
  3. I have seen the BR one in person - very nice color of green. I like the shape of the Kors bag, too.
  4. I just called the nearest Coach outlet. I can get the first bag for $135.00 plus tax; I have them holding it for me but I am not sure which one I want. The Michael Korrs one (second) was on Ebay but that was the only picture shown so I am not sure if it is authentic.
  5. I'd go for the coach one.
  6. I like the 1st one too. It's edgy with the bright green but yet still classy due to its elegant shape. I think they're all lovely but I am drawn to the 1st one more.
  7. 1 and 3 for me
  8. I'm liking the 1st one as well :smile:
  9. I like shape of the first one, less emerald colour of the second...
  10. I'd pick the Coach. With kids...it'll hold up forever.
  11. I love the color of the Coach, it's such a vivid emerald green.
  12. What about the Tano Boogie Bucket...:lol: @ the name! It's $159.00 at musthavebag.com. I hear a lot of people raving about Tano bags.
  13. Nevermind what I posted...that bag is no longer available.:shame: :sad: But definitely check out Tano bags.
  14. Damn! I loved that Tano bag! That shape is cute!
  15. I like the BR and the Coach, but wonder if the BR leather will hold up as well as a Coach?